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Adopt the French attitude


Saint Raoul's day - 1st pilote of the French serie ''En voiture Simone'' - Simone is the female heroine who does not yet exist on TV, she invites you to take a journey through time, from the Roaring Twenties to the current day, to revisit the famous "it was better in the olden days", to juggle with the fleet of time and preconceived ideas through artfully anachronic episodes.
Discover the most famous and last imagery in the world. Established in 1796, the Imagerie d'Épinal has composed an inestimable heritage for 220 years, with tens of thousands of images created from engraved wood and lithographic stones. They will be in New York just before the Holiday at the MADE IN FRANCE POP UP SHOP, 25 Greene street, Soho, NYC.

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