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Your Horoscope - Week of July 3

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Your Horoscope - Week of July 3

Marine Sélénée

Aries | Aries Rising

Affirmation: My Desires and Beliefs are a vibrational match.

Five of Abundance

You needn’t go through your current challenges all by yourself. There are times when we all need a little help, and Heaven wants us to feel safe asking for it. Your angels are inviting you to ‘come in from the rain’. Accept their help and the assistance of friends, family and other Earth Angels who are surrounding you. This card is an indicator that you feel very challenged right now, but it’s also evidence that there are compassionate individuals nearby who could really make a difference. Don’t lost faith! These challenges are temporary and things will improve very soon. Review your situation and plan the next step toward the life you desire. Keep your thoughts positive and focus on the things you have to be grateful for. If you’re considering becoming self-employed, wait a little longer before enacting your plan.

Additional meanings: Ask for what you need. The importance of loving yourself. Feeling alone. Financial worries. Health challenges.

Taurus | Taurus Rising

Affirmation: I can gradually change my vibrational frequency.

Four of thought

The answers you seek are within your heart, not out in the world. Attempting to think your way through this situation is probably not the path to success. Meditation and quiet reflection will make everything clear to you. Take time to withdraw from your concerns and wait for your angels to present you with the perfect solution. If you find yourself immersed in a melodramatic experience created by others, ask for Heaven’s protection and then remove yourself from the situation. You need a vacation! Take a break even if it’s only for a few days. Get some additional rest. Spend time in nature. Don’t rush back to daily life if you’ve been ill.

Additional meanings: Taking it easy. Making time for your spirituality. Answered prayers. Getting away from it all. Needing more sleep.

Gemini | Gemini Rising

Affirmation: My attention to it invites it in.

Choose Freedom

Sometimes we can feel a though we’re trapped. We may perceive ourselves as being locked into a life that we don’t want or like. What we often don’t realize is that we have the key to this ‘lock’. We could free ourselves by making different choices. We can release our hearts from our unhappiness by accepting responsibility for where we are, here and now. And by doing so, we can then step back into our own power. Choose freedom. Ask your angels to remove every negative thought from your mind and help you focus on the amazing possibilities. Step past your fears and out into the light where you can grow, evolve, and fly. Don’t allow anyone or anything (including your own self-doubts) to keep you from being the person you wish to be.

Additional meanings: Getting free of dependency or self-imposed limitations. Ending an unhealthy relationship. Forgiving yourself. Materialism.

Cancer | Cancer Rising

Affirmation: It is not about controlling my thoughts, it is about guiding them.

Healer of Abundance

Situations: You can make a difference. You have an amazing ability to take care of others, and at the same time create great abundance. Your entrepreneurial ideas are destined to succeed. Be creative! Be innovative! This is the time for you to branch out and follow your heart when it comes to career and life purpose. At the same time, remember to leave quiet moments for the people who mean the most to you.

People: An enterprising and down-to-earth person who can achieve just about anything. Someone who’s openhearted and nurturing to those around him or her. A person with a natural gift for design and decorating who surrounds him or herself with items of very high quality. An enjoyer of self-nurturing experiences like massage, Reiki, or going to a spa.

Additional meanings: Focusing on good health and exercise. Form and function. An excellent parent. A love of nature.

Leo | Leo Rising

Affirmation: Only I know what is appropriate for me.

Guardian of Abundance

Situations: All your plans are blessed right now. This is a time of great prosperity and success. Finances flow effortlessly and smoothly. Promotions or very positive changes in your job are likely. There may be unexpected career opportunities in the near future. Make sure you accept them.

People: Someone whose professional life is soaring or who’s at the pinnacle of his or her career. A powerful person who’s deserving of this position due to hard work, and who displays great integrity. A very experienced person who genuinely knows what’s best for everyone involved. Someone willing to offer up advice freely and with warm heart.

Additional meanings: Wise investments. A fair and motivating manager of people. Environment activists. Time to retire.

Virgo | Virgo Rising

Affirmation: There is evolutionary value in my personal preferences.

Four of Abundance

This card asks you to pause and reflect on your relationship with money. Are you spending it too freely? Or are you tucking it away a bit too frugally when it might be used to bring you joy? It’s important to look at your financial health in a balanced way to be prepared for the future, but not to the extent that you’re not living life to its fullest in the here and now. This is true wether your retrouves are related to money, energy, or emotion. So you can also ask yourself: Am I giving of myself emotionally too freely, or am I holding back too much? It’s very important to be charitable to worthy organizations as well as to individuals in need. Consider volunteering your time or money to causes that you feel strongly about.

Additional meanings: Wise investing. Worrying about money. Good business judgement. Being too controlling. Hard work that pays off.

Libra | Libra Rising

Affirmation: When I reverse the thought, I reverse the condition.

Six of Action

Victory! Success! This is your day in the sun. Whatever goal you’ve had your eye on is going to work out beautifully. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to realize your dreams (if you haven’t already done so). The is a card of good fortune, optimism, and anticipation of a job well done. If you’ve been praying for someone to come and help you solve your problems, then your prayers are about to be answered. This Earth Angel may not do all the work for you, but he or she will be able to point you in a direction that will dramatically ease your path.

Additional meanings: Congratulations. Receiving an award or promotion. Wise choices. A sure thing. Good news. Victory that comes with hard work.

Scorpio | Scorpio Rising

Affirmation: I will do my best to make the best of it.

Helper of Emotion

Situations: Romance blooms and love grows. Flowers are delivered unexpectedly, followed by whispered phone conversations in the evenings that go on for hours and hours. It’s all part of the process of falling in love. Your heart soars, and you smile more than you usually do. You even remember how to blush. The Helper of Emotion charges in with grace, poetry, and knowing eyes and suddenly nothing is the same. This may be a new person in your life or someone you’ve known or been with for a long time whose romantic flames have been rekindled. Either way, love is in the air. Breathe deeply of its bouquet.

People: A person who makes your heart flutter. Someone who is dreamily emotional and romantic. A soul mate. An idealist about romance. An artist at heart who can be a bit dramatic. Wise in matters of the heart, with clarity about what’s important in life.

Additional meanings: Marriage proposals and weddings. Artistic endeavors or events. Past-life connections. Opening your heart to a situation. Staying grounded during an emotional experience.

Sagittarius | Sagittarius Rising

Affirmation: I have the ability to direct my own thoughts.

Ten of Emotion

This card indicates a time of great happiness and emotional fulfillment in your life. You may be experiencing this contentment now, or it may be on the horizon. It comes with a sense of family harmony among the people you share your life with. Relationships with children become balanced, peaceful, and a source of pride and happiness. You may not have it all, but you most definitely have one another, and that makes what you do not have seem less important. Those who draw this card will benefit from the understanding that relationships require effort, forgiveness, kindness, and love on the part of all parties. Everyone must work together, but the rewards are priceless.

Additional meanings: Very fulfilling, long-lasting relationships. Feeling safe and protected. Bountiful blessings. Groups of people who look out for one another. Unconditional love.

Capricorn | Capricorn Rising

Affirmation: We are all co-creators within a diverse universe.

Guardian of Emotion

Situations: This experience will be handled with emotional maturity and a trustworthy heart. The parties involved have the best interests of everyone in mind. There’s a desire to resolve any challenges in a compassionate way. If your heart is moved to support a particular cause or charity, do so with determination and passion. Accept advice given in a kind and caring manner as being ‘good as gold’.

People: An honorable person who has great integrity when it comes to matters of the heart. A humanitarian who cares about people and animals and can be very vocal about it. An upstanding member of the community. A firm but loving parent. Very polite and courteous. Acquainted with reputable people in high places.

Additional meanings: A love of art, music or dance. A fair mediator. Listening carefully to others. A diplomatic approach to challenges.

Aquarius | Aquarius Rising

Affirmation: “But whose ‘truth’ is the true truth?”

Ace of Thought

On your mark…get set…go! You’re off to a fabulous start on a fresh new intellectual challenge. The prospects are very exciting, and you’re quite sure you have it all figured out. And you probably do. However, this card can indicate that there may be the need to make a few course corrections as you go along. Don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm or keep you from moving forward. Consider any unanticipated changes to your plans to be Heaven’s way of helping you make everything all the more perfect. Communication is very important in any endeavor. Be sure you communicate clearly and in great detail with those you’re working with. Misunderstandings or hurt feelings should be dealt with right away in a kind and compassionate manner.

Additional meanings: Brilliant new ideas. Determination. Mental health. Improving a concept a project. Taking an exam.

Pisces | Pisces Rising

Affirmation: Moods are indicators of my emotional set-points.

Three of Action

Things are going very, very well. Your choices were good ones, and you can see that your ship is going to come in. Excellent. But now what? Have you put together your strategies for the next phase? Success is wonderful, but you can’t rest on your laurels. It’s time to move to your next big adventure. It’s safe to build upon your accomplishments for further growth, or you can choose to do something new. Where you go next is entirely up to you.

Additional meanings: Things turning out just as expected. Travelling for your career. Setting new goals. Time for reflection. The need for patience.