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Your Horoscope - Week of July 17th

Marine Sélénée

Aries | Aries Rising

Affirmation: My power is in my presence.

Six of Michael – It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Breathe a sigh of relief and make new plans. Relocation or travel. 

You’re on your way to happier times. The situation that had you feeling stressed and worried is now behind you. A new day is dawning, with sunny skies on the horizon. Embrace the changes and leave the past behind. You can now breathe a sigh of relief and begin to make new plans. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in implementing the changes you desire.

Additional meanings: Seeing things objectively. Becoming more positive. Relocation. Travel.

Taurus | Taurus Rising

Affirmation: I am loved.

Nine of Michael – Your worry is unnecessary. Focus your thoughts on the outcome you desire. Release feelings of regret, guilt, or worry to your angels.  

Your worry is unnecessary. The worst-case scenarios you’re playing over and over in your mind are unlikely to come true. Free yourself from this form of self-punishment by turning to the power of positive thinking. Release all feelings of regret, guilt, or anxiety to your angels. Consider speaking to a trusted friend who can help you find an objective point of view. Ask your angels for nights of restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Refocus your thoughts on the outcomes that you’re hoping for.

Additional meanings: Darkest before the dawn. Questioning past choices. Stress.

Gemini | Gemini Rising 

Affirmation: I am.

The Star – A dream come true. Believe in yourself. The end of a difficult situation. 

Now is the time to have great faith and hope. This star shines in the heaven as inspiration and as an affirmative sign to you that your plans can be viewed with enthusiasm and confidence. If you’ve been expecting challenges, you c rest assured that your difficulties will quickly fade into the past. This is the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s a star you can make a wish upon. The most important element for your success is believing in yourself. Archangel Jophiel can help you see how beautiful this moment in your life is. Feel inspired to make long-term plans and know that you’ll be successful.

Additional meanings: A dream come true. Renewed purpose. Following your intuition. Faith in yourself.

Cancer | Cancer Rising

Affirmation: I allow myself to manifest what I want.

The Sun – Life is wonderful. Thrive through the power of positive thinking. An inspiring success. 

Life is wonderful. great things are headed your way, and your plan will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Keep your thoughts and words positive and you will thrive. Believe in yourself and those around you during this magical time in your life. Archangel Uriel brings brilliant epiphanies to those who ask for his help. Inspiring new ideas lead the way to abundance and happiness. Public recognition or awards are also very possible during this time.

Additional meanings: Happiness. A trustworthy relationship. Understanding oneself. Personal satisfaction.

Leo | Leo Rising

Affirmation: True abundance is an inside job.

Perspective – There’s a better way. Pause for reflection and insight. Dare to be different. 

There is a better way. You’ve probably noticed that your past approach is no longer working for you. Archangel Chamuel asks that you pause what you’re doing and look at things from a different perspective. While this time of reflection is temporary, it is also extremely important to your spiritual evolution and growth. This card can also indicate that your heart may be leading you to perform a selfless act of kindness for someone else. This form of compassion is always rewarded, and your angels will be standing by your side. Remember that you give the world your greatest gift by being your true, unique, eclectic self.

Additional meanings: A pause for reflection. Time moving slowly. A change in priorities. Unconventional ideas. Daring to be different.

Virgo | Virgo Rising

Affirmation: I allow people to witness their behavior so I can help them move beyond it.

Five of Ariel – You needn’t go through your challenges alone. Help is nearby. negative thoughts create self-fulfilling prophecies. 

Help is nearby. You don’t have to go through your current challenges alone. Ask your angels to make your options clear to you. There is no need to remain out in the cold emotionally or physically. If you’re willing to accept help from others, ask yourself why. What is it that you feel is missing from your life? Is it material or something deeper, like spirituality or love? Negative thoughts can create self-fulfilling prophecies that are totally unnecessary. Refocus your thoughts on what is possible and this situation will turn around.

Additional meanings: Feeling unlucky. Money troubles. Health issues. Inadvisable plans or timing for self-employment.

Libra | Libra Rising

Affirmation: When I honor my feelings, I find my power in powerless situations.

Queen of Michael – You know exactly what to do. The benefit of experience. A time for your career rather than relationships. 

Situations: You know exactly what to do. Past experiences have prepared you perfectly for the situation you find yourself in. Wisdom blended with humor makes the task easy to accomplish. Give others credit for good intentions rather than perfect actions. This is the time in life for advancing your career and getting things done rather than engaging in romantic relationships.

People: A person who has both a brilliant mind and a great sense of humor. Someone who has varied and broad experience in life. Perceptive. Courageous. Analytical. Cool, calm and collected.

Additional meanings: A faithful friend. Wise counsel. Feng Shui.

Scorpio | Scorpio Rising

Affirmation: There is always a solution of the highest good.

Peace – Release the past. There is a more enriching future coming. Let go and let God. 

The Peace card heralds a time of great transformation for you. It is a period of leaving behind the situations or experiences that no longer serve you. You’ve outgrown this phase of your life and are ready to move forward. The time has come for new adventures that will enrich your purpose and allow you to evolve, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Often when this card is drawn, the time of change was expected. It may come with a sense of great relief or perhaps feelings of sadness. Archangel Azrael opens his arms to you with love and compassion and will help you during this period of transition. Take t time to experience any emotion you have with grace and self-love.

Additional meanings: Embrace the new dawn. Release the past. Let go and let God.

Sagittarius | Sagittarius Rising 

Affirmation: I can find peace in every breath.

Two of Gabriel – Make bold and ambitious choices. Great progress is possible. Important relationships with people who share your vision. 

You are making great progress. If you’re expiring a pause in the action, then it’s time to reassert yourself and get things moving again. Be bold and ambitious. You may have a choice to make. Don’t let indecision keep you from going forward. The right choice won’t come from your mind so follow your heart. Important relationships are possible right now. Partner with people who share your outlook and passion.

Additional meanings: Long-term vision. Business partnerships. Showing great courage. Gay friends or relationships.

Capricorn | Capricorn Rising

Affirmation: I surrender it all.

King of Mickael – Wisdom and objectivity are important now. Stay in your integrity. A situation that calls for honest and open communication. 

Situations: Speak your mind with confidence. This situation calls for honest and open communication. If you’re uncertain what to do, then hire an expert. While wisdom and objectivity are important now, don’t forget to weigh the emotional aspects of this situation. Make sure your actions are of the highest integrity.

People: A person who commands great respect and is known for being completely fair. Someone who communicates very professionally. Principled. Rational. Ambitious. Diplomatic.

Additional meanings: Equality. Getting right to the point. Someone who may be emotionally unavailable.

Aquarius | Aquarius Rising

Affirmation: Sometimes no is the most loving response.

Seven of Michael – There is a better course of action available to you. Working alone may not be the best answer. Review all the details. 

There is a better course of action available to you. Ask yourself, what am I really trying to accomplish? Think about whether working alone on this project is a good idea. Is your unique point of view providing creative solutions, or is it causing you to miss important details? Go over the details agin. Your angels want you to be a success in this endeavor and are giving you a “heads-up” with this card. There is probably more going on here than meets the eye. Someone may have ulterior motives.

Additional meanings: The need for caution. Poor timing. Running away.

Pisces | Pisces Rising

Affirmation: I don’t dance around the perimeter of the person I want to be. I step in fully and completely.

Ten of Raphael – Love and blessings fill your life. harmonious relationships with family members. Happily ever after. 

Love and blessings fill your life. This is a beautiful moment where it seems as though you have it all. Your family is loving and happy. You may still work hard, but there is a feeling of satisfaction and peace when you come home. Your relationships with your children or other family members are peaceful and harmonious. Relationships can be a lot of work, but they are worth it. Your hopes and dreams are within reach. If it’s a beautiful home life you’re seeking, you’re on the right path.

Additional meanings: Happy romantic partnerships. Trustworthy relationships. The end of stress. Happily ever after.