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Your Horoscope - Week of June 19th

Marine Sélénée

Aries | Aries Rising

Affirmation: I trust that my gut reaction is the truth underneath the surface of my fears.

The High Priestess: Powerful psychic insights. Reflection and meditation that provides valuable information. Be at peace. 

The answers you seek are within you. They cannot be found through the intellect, but instead are a product of your deepest feelings. Emotional situations provide great insight right now. Intuition and psychic messages should be treated seriously and with great respect, as they can be relied upon with confidence. Your dreams at night may also hold keys to understanding what actions to take next. There may be aspects of your situation that you’re unaware of, but Archangel Haniel can provide you with the enlightenment and answers you’re searching for. This is not a time of action, but of reflection and meditation. Have faith that events will unfold perfectly and that you will know when to move forward. Remain patient and be at peace knowing that your inner guidance will not fail you.

Additional meanings: The power of the subconscious. The willingness to forgive. Spiritual awakening. Patience. The mystery and awe of the Universe. Keeping the confidences of others.

Taurus | Taurus Rising 

Affirmation: I let go and allow the Universe to do her thing.

Four of Ariel: When you give, you also receive. Being resistant to change. Extremes in how you save or spend money. 

When you give, you also receive. First, this card is a reminder that financial gain and resources are to be shared. When prosperity is held on to too tightly, it can make a person closed off and therefore block the connection to future abundance. If someone has been blessed with great resources, this card can be a reminder to donate to charities and worthy causes. On the other extreme, it can indicate that someone has been too careless with money. There is a need to review how money is spent or to get debt under control. This card is not just about money and finances, but can also be about expenditures of energy and emotion. Don’t let fear-based thoughts limit your actions. Be willing to share whatever talents and gifts you have with those around you.

Additional meanings: Control issues. Saving for a rainy day. Holding on to the present. Resisting change.

Gemini | Gemini Rising

Affirmation: I can release ancient pain simply by feeling it.

Nine of Gabriel: Stay determined and move forward. Be prepared for any possibility. Environment activism. 

Don’t give up. Your determination and courage are needed now more than ever. You’ve come a long way, and your work has been important and valuable. Stand your ground and protect what you have created. Be prepared for any possibility. You’ve already proven yourself, and your position is secure so long as you have confidence. You may be tired, but this is the last challenging situation before success comes your way.

Additional meanings: Sticking with your plans. Ability to fight off illness. Environment activism. Growing organic food.

Cancer | Cancer Rising

Affirmation: When I feel blocked emotionally distressed, or overwhelmed, I turn to my breath.

Knight of Raphael: Committed romantic relationships. Being swept off your feet. Situations or topics that make your heart flutter. 

Be prepared to be swept off your feet. Someone has the ability to bring deep emotions to the surface. This card often represents falling in love. it can also herald creative or artistic proposals and career opportunities, as well as situations or topics that make your heart flutter happily.

Additional meanings: Engagements and weddings. Rose-colored glasses. Powerful emotions. The need to get grounded.

Leo | Leo Rising

Affirmation: By spreading loving energy I attract more love.

Eight of Raphael: There is something better waiting for you. Do what you know is right for you. A spiritual quest. 

There is something better waiting for you. The ways in which you’ve evolved have you convinced that there must be more to life and there is. The inward search for answers is rewarded at this time. It’s time to leave the past behind and embrace a brand new you. This choice is not forced upon you, but is of your making. Your past experiences have been very important in helping you understand who you are. Be grateful for what you’ve learned, and build upon it. A relocation or change in your job or relationships is possible at this time.

Additional meanings: A journey. A spiritual quest. Doing what you know si right for you. A change of interests.

Virgo | Virgo Rising

Affirmation: My happiness can be measured by the level of my faith in love.

King of Michael: Wisdom and objectivity are important now. Stay in your integrity. A situation that calls for honest and open communication. 

Speak your mind with confidence. This situation calls for honest and open communication. If you’re uncertain what to do, then hire an expert. While wisdom and objectivity are important now, don’t forget to weigh the emotional aspects of this situation. Make sure your actions are of the highest integrity.

Additional meanings: Equality. Getting right to the point. Someone who may be emotionally unavailable.

Libra | Libra Rising 

Affirmation: Happiness is a choice I make.

Divine Guidance: The search for meaning in life. Consider an alternative approach. Surround yourself with wise teachers or friends. 

There is no need to be alone. There are amazing people around you from whom you would gain great strength and support. Seek out those who are like-minded and who share your beliefs and ideals. Make new friends who would benefit from your insights and affection. Take a class on spirituality, or join an organization that aims to do good in the world. Archangel Sandalphon can help you find the meaning you’re seeking in your life. Be open to other people’s ideas and perspectives but don’t be bound by them. If you’re taking a very traditional approach to your challenges, and things just don’t seem to be moving forward, then it might be time to think outside the box. On the other hand, if your attempts to be creative are merely reinventing the wheel, perhaps the old-fashioned way would be better.

Additional meanings: Walking your talk. Universities. Resistance to change. Spiritual seeking. Divine wisdom.

Scorpio | Scorpio Rising

Affirmation: I am not the victim, I am the lighthouse.

Ten of Raphael: Love and blessings fill your life. Harmonious relationships with family members. Happily ever after. 

Love and blessings fill your life. This is a beautiful moment where it seems as though you have it all. Your family is loving and happy. You may still work hard, but there is a feeling of satisfaction and peace when you come home. Your relationships with your children or other family members are peaceful and harmonious. Relationships can be a lot of work, but they’re worth it. Your hopes and dreams are within reach. If it’s a beautiful home life you’re seeking, you’re on the right path.

Additional meanings: Happy romantic partnerships. trustworthy relationships. The end of stress. Happily ever after.

Sagittarius | Sagittarius Rising

Affirmation: I show up for myself and the world.

Queen of Ariel: Nurture yourself and those you love. The ability to make anything more beautiful. Practical and wise advice. 

Nurture yourself and those you love. There is a need for quality time with the people you care about the most. Practical and wise advice should be freely offered or accepted. You am see the truth clearly when those around you don’t. You excel at taking care of others, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. You have the gift of being able to make anything more beautiful.

Additional meanings: The balance between function and beauty. A big heart. A talented gardener.

Capricorn | Capricorn Rising

Affirmation: I don’t dance around the perimeter of the person I want to be. I step in fully and completely.

Leap of Faith: Believe in yourself. Listen to your heart. Do what gives you joy. 

Take a leap of faith. You are fully empowered to follow a new path in life that is full of excitement and wonder. The opportunities for evolution and growth are truly unlimited of you’ll just have faith in yourself and believe in your dreams. You have only to take the first step to find yourself on the way to a happier new life. Your angels and guides will send helpful people to assit you as you go along. You’re encouraged to be proactive in researching whatever information is required. Don’t let a lack of experience or self-confidence hold you back. You are meant to have the joy you seek.

Additional meanings: Being self-assured and believing in yourself. Childlike innocence. Unending curiosity. The joy of life. Courage, Following your heart.

Aquarius | Aquarius Rising

Affirmation: Sometimes no is the most loving response.

Six of Raphael: Embrace your inner child. New friends or rekindled relationships. Children or childhood. 

What a lovely memory. Experiences from your distant past or childhood come flooding back in order to help you with the present. Old friends or romantic partners may resurface. New people you meet become instant, close friends due to past life connections. Previous relationships or friendships may be rekindled. Deep-rooted issues that hold you back push to be resolved. Be careful not to romanticize the past but rather to see it clearly and objectively.

Additional meanings: Issues involving children. Nostalgia. Embracing your inner child. Innocence.

Pisces | Pisces Rising

Affirmation: I surrender it all.

The Chariot: Determination and self-control. Career advancement. Acknowledgement of success by others. 

The Chariot is an indicator of great determination and willpower. You may feel uncertainty regarding your situation, but you need have no fear. When this card is present, its’ your confirmation from Archangel Metatron that you have what it takes. Step out of your comfort zone and charge bravely ahead with joy and confidence. A great leap forward is coming your way. It will take balance, self-control, and hard work, but you are ready for the task at hand. Public recognition for your success is sure to come. Allow yourself to feel pride in what you accomplish.

Additional meanings: Career advancement. Diligence. Calm control over equally important conflicting goals.