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Your Horoscope - Week of June 5th

Marine Sélénée

Aries | Aries Rising

Affirmation: Happiness is a choice I make.

Guardian of Emotion

Situations: This experience will be handled with emotional maturity and a trustworthy heart. The parties involved have the best interests of everyone in mind. There’s a desire to resolve any challenges in a compassionate way. If your heart is moved to support a particular cause or charity, do so with determination and passion. Accept advice given in a kind and caring manner as being “good as gold.”

People: An honorable person who has great integrity when it comes to matters of the heart. A humanitarian who cares about people and animals and can be very vocal about it. An upstanding member of the community. A firm but loving parent. Very polite and courteous. Acquainted with reputable people in high places.

Additional meanings: A love of art, music, or dance. A fair mediator. Listening carefully to others. A diplomatic approach to challenges.

Taurus | Taurus Rising

Affirmation: When in doubt, I choose to see peace.

Healer of Emotion

Situations: You’re experiencing a calling to live a life immersed in the waters of emotion and intuition. You have a true desire to help others and are blessed with a great depth of feeling that comes naturally. Compassion flows from Divine Spirit into your heart. It seems as though you’re immediately aware of what others are feeling and what their hearts need. Family members and friends are cherished, but even strangers feel your love radiating out to heal the world. Intuitive abilities are very strong.

People: A person whose loving arms are always open. Someone sensitive and very empathetic, tenderhearted, and generous. Someone who always knows what to do and understands the problem before it’s even spoken. A fairy godmother who can make you feel better just by being around.

Additional meanings: A spiritual teacher. An emotional counselor. The need for better boundaries. A love of heart and home. A very trustworthy friend.

Gemini | Gemini Rising

Affirmation: When I’ve overshared I simply say, WAIT why am I talking?

Two of Emotion

A relationship moves into a deeper, more meaningful phase. It may be romantic, or it could be a very close friendship. Feelings continue to grow, and the connection between those involved expands. This is a relationship that has a very powerful, spiritual connection. Relationships that don’t feel harmonious at this time will heal, and you should continue to pursue them. Mutual respect and understanding are present. Gifts may be exchanged, or long-term professional partnerships may be formed. Misunderstandings will be resolved. Displays of great kindness and compassion are likely.

Additional meanings: Falling in love. Very close friendships. The end of conflict. An unexpected gift. A powerful connection.

Cancer | Cancer Rising

Affirmation: The qualities I dislike in others are disowned parts of my shadow.

The Spiritual Teacher

Seek and ye shall find. You will discover a wonderful mentor or spiritual teacher, as you ask Heaven for someone who can provide you with wise counsel and loving guidance. Or perhaps it’s time for you to step out into the open as a teacher with many spiritual gifts. Don’t underestimate the brightness of the light you have to offer others. If you’re currently on a quest for peace and enlightenment, do your seeking within. Meditation or time spent in nature can provide great insight.

Additional meanings: Self-discovery. Rewarding time spent in solitude. Excellent advice that you should follow. Taking a break from your hectic life.

Leo | Leo Rising

Affirmation: I pray before I pay.

Nine of Action

You’ve created many wonderful and amazing things. There are relationships you treasure and accomplishments that you’re proud of, as well as the place you call home. It’s only natural to want to protect them. Rest assured that you’re always being lovingly watched over by your guardian angels. If you have any worries, you can also ask Archangel Michael for protection. You are completely safe. Mother Earth needs our help right now. This card represents all those who are interested in safeguarding the environment, watching over our food supplies, and helping protect the animals on land and in the oceans. Stand your ground, as the Light will always win.

Additional meanings: Getting prepared. Successfully recovering from an illness. Physical and emotional strength. Being persistent.

Virgo | Virgo Rising

Affirmation: The key to getting what I want is to ask for it.

A New Beginning

This is the moment that you’ve been waiting for. It’s a joyful time of new beginnings when you can make bold changes in your life. Like a butterfly flying across a meadow, your dreams are beckoning you to chase after them. Lay down your fears, concerns, or uncertainties and embrace the unending possibilities available to you at this time. An unexpected opportunity may have recently presented itself to you, or one may do so in the very near future. Take this as a sign from Heaven and your guardian angels that it’s time to finally break free and be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t wait another day to begin your journey along the path of happiness.

Additional meanings: All things are possible. Childlike wonder. Having faith in your inner guidance. Releasing anything that holds you back. Going after your most heartfelt desires. Loving life.

Libra | Libra Rising

Affirmation: I share my light with the world.

Four of Action

What an incredible achievement. This is a time of prosperity and contentment. Your hard work has paid off, and now you can take some time to enjoy it. Abundance and a feeling of safety and security are yours. There’s no cause for concern about anything right now. In fact, perhaps it’s time for a celebration. This card often heralds events such as engagements, weddings, or other long-term commitments between couples. You’ve earned a well-deserved break. Do something for yourself and those you love. Allow yourself to get caught up in the moment and enjoy all that Heaven has blessed you with.

Additional meanings: Putting down roots. Satisfaction. Not a care in the world. Harvest. Peace. A happy family life. A very special day. A new home.

Scorpio | Scorpio Rising

Affirmation: I let my intimate relationships be my greatest learning devices for spiritual growth and healing.

Eight of Thought  

You can always choose freedom. The situation you’re in most likely makes you feel as though you’re trapped, but the truth is that there’s always another path. There is a way to leave unhappiness and move toward joy. Ask your angels for the gift of self-confidence. Reach within and touch your own inner strength, and know that there’s nothing you cannot do if only you believe in yourself. Refuse to be stuck in a life that does not make you happy. Don’t wait for someone to come to the rescue when you can free yourself. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll take one small step every day toward the future that you desire and then get going.

Additional meanings: Feeling trapped by circumstances. Not believing in yourself. The illusion of being stuck. Being held back by your own perceptions.

Sagittarius | Sagittarius Rising

Affirmation: When I respect my money, my money respects me.

Healer of Abundance

Situations: You can make a difference. You have an amazing ability to take care of others, and at the same time create great abundance. Your entrepreneurial ideas are destined t succeed. Be creative. Be innovative. This i the time fo you to branch out and follow your heart when it comes to career and life purpose. At the same time, remember to leave quiet moments for the people who mean the most to you.

People: An enterprising and down-to-earth person who can achieve just about anything. Someone who’s openhearted and nurturing to those around him or her. A person with a natural gift for design and decorating who surrounds him-or herself with items of very high quality. An enjoyer of sef-nuruting experiences like massage, Reiki, or going to a spa.

lAdditional meanings: Focusing on good health and exercise. Form and function. An excellent parent. A love of nature.

Capricorn | Capricorn Rising

Affirmation: The moment I begin to celebrate myself and focus on my successes is the moment I begin living.

Six of Thought

Heaven has heard your prayers, and now things will get much better. It may have been a long and difficult journey, but your destination is within sight. Brighter, happier days are ahead. The stress in your life will start to fade away, allowing you to set your sights on the future. The storm is over, and you’re headed quickly toward sunnier skies. This card can also indicate travel, especially over water. If you’re interested in moving or relocating, then the signs look very positive. Or perhaps your journey is more of a spiritual one, leading you to amazing new revelations.

Additional meanings: Peace after challenging times. The return of hope. Slowly moving forward. Gaining a more positive viewpoint. Starting a new life.

Aquarius | Aquarius Rising

Affirmation: In order to awaken the world to the light, I must not be afraid to shine.

Six of Emotion

Fond memories of family, friends, relationships, and simpler times are present now. There may be a yearning for ‘the way things used to be.’ It’s wonderful to look back and recount happy recollections, but be sure not to idealize the years gone by. Recall the past clearly and accurately so that you can also enjoy the present for its own unique and magical place in your life. Old friends, romantic partners, or acquaintances may suddenly resurface. This card may also indicate issues surrounding children or childhood. Take time to focus on the children in your life. Get in touch with your own inner child, and allow yourself to indulge in simple play. This may be a good time to resolve old memories or emotional wounds involving parents, school years, or growing up.

Additional meanings: Anniversaries. Loving-kindness. Being innocent of wrongdoing. Rekindling an old romance. An instant connection with a new friend.

Pisces | Pisces Rising

Affirmation: When I feel blocked, emotionally distressed, or overwhelmed, I turn to my breath.

Two of Abundance

You’re probably feeling as if you’re juggling too many priorities at once! That can be exciting and exhilarating, or it can seem as though life is seriously out of balance. If life seems challenging to you, try to bring a playful energy to your tasks. Take mini-breaks to laugh with a friend, or do something that stimulates your inner child. Make sure that when you do stop working for the day, you get to rest and enjoy your downtime. You may be feeling as if you really have to tighten your belt with respect to finances. If abundance issues are causing you stress, ask Heaven to provide you with new opportunities to manifest the money you need. Make sure that your eyes are wide open to any opportunities that your angels send you. Make choices about your career very carefully.

Additional meanings: Being adaptable to change. An excellent multitasked. Keeping your day job while pursuing your dream career after hours. balancing your work and personal life. Living very frugally.