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In France we are big fans of the ‘Aperitif Dinatoire’. If you like to have friends over for dinner but don’t want to spend hours preparing a four-course meal in the kitchen, you can simply lay out some great-looking platters of tasty but easy to prepare nibbles, buffet-style!

In any French ‘aperitif dinatoire’ you will expect an ‘assiette de charcuterie’ (assorted cold cuts), an ‘assiette de fromages’ (a well-furnished cheese platter) and of course good quality bread!

Then it’s your call to make it as real as possible! Here are some examples:

•   Prepare a big Green Salad with grapefruit or green apple and some nuts. Its beautiful and refreshing.

•   Make a green couscous, (couscous with plenty of herbs). It’s gorgeous, nutritious and filling.

•   Have some grilled red peppers with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper.

•   Prepare a savoury tomato or zucchini tart.

•   Make some red lentil or chick pea hummus.

•   Have some grilled vegetables, they are so easy to make! Just put them in the oven with some olive oil, a bit of thyme, salt & pepper and cook them for as long as it takes to leave them nice and caramelized.

And one more thing. Even if people expect to drink alcohol, don’t forget to put a few bottles of mineral water (sparkling and still) on the table. I’ve noticed that it’s only when people see water on the table that they remember to drink some!

For dessert, you can have oranges and grapefruit, finely cut and mixed with spices (cardamon, cinnamon stick, star anised, kaffir lime).

And finally, a chocolate fondant and some sorbet.

Enjoy your summer!

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