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Adopt the French attitude

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Les Healthy Tips d'Huguette


What about setting yourself a few challenges? You don’t have to act on all of them at once, but you can give it some thought and gradually work them into your routine.

  1. When you go shopping, stick to the side isles where vegetables and fruits are located and stay away from all the non real foods in the middle isles. Try to buy simple whole foods.
  2. Why not try this new food you’ve heard of but maybe thought it was not meant for you, such as kale, radicchio or quinoa!  I dare you to try quinoa pasta!
  3. Check your pantry and get rid of one food you know is not healthy but you keep buying. Do it together with your family so the commitment is not only yours! 
  4. For one week try to plan your meals in advance. This will increase your chances to eat real food. 
  5. Last but not least, try to add one set of exercises to your routine - it could be walking more, climbing the stairs when you take the subway, 30 minutes of weight lifting or some stretching… take your pick! 

And don’t forget: if you need help to get motivated, you can always contact me and we’ll complete this journey together.

Your motivation, My passion… Huguette Lelong Healthy Life .