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Les Healthy Tips d'Huguette

French Wellness blog

Les Healthy Tips d'Huguette


Here are a fewtips to reduce your sugar consumption, andI ’m NOT talking about sugars naturally present in fruit s , vegetables, milk or dairy products. 

You don’t need to go cold turkey, but keep these tips in mind and try to go one step at a time. And remember: sugar addiction does exist. We find it hard to wean ourselves from it but with some motivation it is possible! And I promise you'll feel much better at the end of your journey. 

1. Don’t be tempted by buying products on sale in bulk, because you'll end up consuming more! Unless the sale is on tomatoes or apples! Let me know when it happens! 

2. Check the list of ingredients and make sure sugar is not one of the top three items listed. Also, learn how to recognize the other names used to describe sugar. (Send me an email and I’ll give you the list, you’ll be shocked!)

3. Go for whole & non-refined foods to avoid added hidden sugars. Don’t be fooled by the packaging! It may look like an healthy option but, is it really?

4. Avoid soft drinks and fruit juices, since they spike your sugar levels and your energy will drain just as quickly. Try licorice or cinnamon teas as a substitute.

5. Get rid of the sugar in your coffee or tea, and try to reduce your alcohol consumption.

6. Cut back on pasta, bread and rice. Have some whole grains instead, they will maintain your blood sugar levels and you’ll feel satisfy for much longer! Or you can go crazy on vegetables, they have carbs too! 

7. Rediscover real food. 

Reducing our consumption of sugars may be hard at first but with motivation we can make it. Let's keep treats for special occasions.