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Adopt the French attitude


She Is French


Pro-Woman all-natural granola

She is French is set to enter select U.S. stores in January 2017. As the byproduct of a Parisian upbringing combined with decades spent in New York City, the brand’s signature flavors Alba, Karine and Lauren will soon be available for purchase online and stores located in New York, Connecticut and Paris.

Each of the She is French granola flavors are geared towards women and their bodies, offering various health and beauty benefits. Founder Agathe L. developed the flavors to reconcile her French roots and American lifestyle so she could lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Alba, Karine and Lauren each serve their own purpose, from increasing the libido, to combating inflammation and healing the body mind and soul. Gluten-free oats, extra virgin olive oil and raw honey act as the base ingredients for every flavor, providing an added value on top each flavor’s key components and benefits which include:

“Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day”, states Agathe. “So I started making granola with only natural ingredients that would have all the things to nurture the women’s bodies needed to start the day feeling feminine and energized.”

In addition being 140 calories or less, the brand’s three flavors are dedicated to all sisters, mothers and daughters who seek to nurture the feminine energy and joie de vivre that embodies French culture.  Each of the flavors are available in a 2oz size that retails for $3.50 or a 6oz size for $10.00.  Just in time for the New Year the line will be available at Colette in Paris, She is French can soon be found at Le Moulin a Café in New York City and Bar Bucha Elixors in Westport, Connecticut.

Agathe Lerolle, founder of She is French.

Agathe Lerolle, founder of She is French.