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Adopt the French attitude


Pamplemousse is a luxury Made in France brand specialized in hand made plushes.

Pamplemousse Peluches


The dreamy stuffed animals of the angel

Pamplemousse, or the French word for grapefruit, may seem to be a funny name for stuffed animals!

Some of you, who are of an adult mindset, will immediately visualize the acidic fruit and its bitter taste. Others, who may have a more mischievous spirit, will imagine this word as a hug, a call to softness and warmth. Pamplemousse is a voyage to the heart of childhood, an introspection that will wake up the tender youthfulness sleeping within you.

Choosing the beautiful French Picardie countryside as the setting in which to birth Pamplemousses' stuffed animals is a deliberate decision as the company strives to avoid industrialization in order to maintain the magic and the quality of stuffed animals. Therefore, priding itself on centuries of cultivated savoir-faire, or know-how, this region has built its reputation on the historical excellence of its mastery of these techniques.

Pamplemousse makes it a point of honor to carefully choose each of its components and artisans with each step meticulously performed in their workshop in order to best oversee the entire production process and guarantee the fine quality of our products.

Each Pamplemousse's creation has its own personality  – sometimes dreamy, sometimes intriguing – but all are endearing and just waiting for hugs!

Their atelier gathers the best French seamstresses specialized in plushes' Haute Couture. 

Their atelier gathers the best French seamstresses specialized in plushes' Haute Couture.