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Adopt the French attitude


Pachamamai is specialized in natural, vegan and cruelty free solid cosmetic


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The brand

Precious for you, precious for the Nature…

Our cosmetics are natural, organic, vegan, ethical.
Ancestral plants and innovative formulations are our daily inspiration.
Solid cosmetics, face serums, natural soaps…
Enjoy the very best of the Earth in our recipes.
Love on your skin, treasures in your cosmetics.

Pachamamaï is engaged  :

Proudly handmade in France 1st French brand certified Cruelty free and vegan by PETA.
Slow cosmetics laureate for sensible and responsible cosmetics.
Fair Trade with our producing communities. Valorisation of their ecological and cultural heritage, knowledge transmission to encourage their autonomy.
Our preferred partner is the association Man and Nature.
Innovation on eco-responsible solutions: product’s quality and reducing of the environmental footprint.
Commitment to Zero Waste France in order to work on an eco-design of our products.


Ludvina, Founder

Ludvina, Founder