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Adopt the French attitude


Mademoiselle a Soho


Since 2010, Mademoiselle à SOHO (MaS) is a French children's brand, based in New York City. The inspiration of the line comes from the energy of places the founder visited and the many people we've met during our travels.  MàS is a balance between tailored and comfort, simple yet cool, and with a touch of humor.  In every piece there is a specific detail, whether it's a color variation, fabric texture or a distinct spin on silhouette.  Parents appreciate it and children embrace it.

The line is produced in Romania, on a limited scale in a family owned sewing shop.  Our natural fabrics are made in Italy and handcrafted with care for a high quality children's clothing design.  We meticulously choose our Italian yarns for an original and chic garment.  Our unique knits are hand made by a network of passionate grannies and every piece has its own story.  We source a network of “grannies knits artists” throughout Romania.  It's not only an opportunity to showcase their talent but at the same time it gives them a sense of pride knowing good creative work can be accomplished at any age