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The story...

Marc  painted LISA jewelry in his paintings and Sabine dreamed of wearing them they imagined and realized together " LES BIJOUX DE LISA " a very special line of jewelry sculptures

Marc Ferrero is the creator of the storytelling art movement whose goal is to tell stories in paintings, fictional characters have joined many years the finest collections around the world.Il decided in 2015 to express in 3 dimensions through its translucent sculptures, the colors pop tart, Marc Ferrero develops then the universe of his characters making use of symbols and playing between transparencies and overlays through an innovative synthetic material that glass cutting Laser and thermo-formed; One day at the request of Sabine his wife he created a small sculpture to wear, the result is amazing and the immediate success they then create four hands the collection "LES BIJOUX DE LISA" a very special line of sculptures jewelry playing with transparencies and overlays. Each piece is unique, the elements are assembled in a stylish way and original .In synthetic glass, a modern material, transparent, shiny and smooth as pure glass, reflecting light, it has an effect of light and shadow subtle color.

After the success of Les Bijoux de  Lisa, Sabine FERRERO decides to widen the range of women accessories ART TO WEAR  by designing a range of handbags Arty " LES ESSENTIELS DE LISA ": Marc FERRERO's PAINTINGS reproduced on  canvas will be then the starting point, it will be staged on precious fabrics hemmed by braids and by pearls, the quintessence of the French-style  for bags any unique (each one is a unicycle piece) and realized completely in the hand by Josette SAPIA, our seamstress and dear grandma...

" LES ESSENTIELS DE LISA " Unique pieces  Accessories for unique women

A creation by Les Bijoux de Lisa

A creation by Les Bijoux de Lisa