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SUN HAT KAPEL Desert Kaktus by Ki et la

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SUN HAT KAPEL Desert Kaktus by Ki et la

Kietla_Kapel_DESERT KACTUS _BD 1.jpg
Kietla_Kapel_DESERT KACTUS_Packshot BD.jpg
Kietla_Kapel_DESERT KACTUS _BD 1.jpg
Kietla_Kapel_DESERT KACTUS_Packshot BD.jpg

SUN HAT KAPEL Desert Kaktus by Ki et la



– Very high protection

  • 100% Oeko-Tex cotton with UPF 50+ UV protection But it does not dispense with the need for a suitable sunscreen for the other parts of the body. 

– Double reversibility

  • 2 Styles /Inside/outside reversible: Wide-brimmed style Unique colourful patterns on the outside versus Panama style and black and white colour on the inside. 
  • 2 Protections / Front/rear reversible: Sunshade function Its wide visor either protects your child’s face when turned to the front or their shoulders when turned to the rear. This provides sun protection depending the way round it is worn or the child’s activity. 

– Very comfortable

  • Lightweight cotton / Quick drying Fastening strips:   secure the hat elegantly so as not hinder the child in their activities
  • A unique, practical system for holding Ki ET LA sunglasses: No more lost sunglasses or sunglasses torn off by the hands of toddlers 

– Unique, unisex style

  • Made in Paris design
  • Patterns designed and created by the brand’s style office
  • 2 iconic hats in 1: Print white-brimmed hat and black and white Panama 

– Eco-responsibility

  • Oeko-Tex label Guarantee that the product contains no substances that are toxic for man or the environment 
  • Recyclable cardboard packaging 


  • 100% Oeko-Tex cotton 
  • Anti-UV treatment on both sides of the hat


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Available in 4 sizes:

6 - 12 months ( head circumference : 17,7'' - 18,5'' )

12 - 18 months ( head circumference : 18,5'' - 19,2'' )

2 - 4 years ( head circumference : 19,6'' - 20,4'' )

4 - 6 years ( head circumference : 20,4'' - 21,2'' )