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Adopt the French attitude


Kate Woo


A new view on the art of the ceramic.

KATE WOO whose real name is Céline Janczak is a French artist born in Cannes – French Riviera – France.

ARTIST with a DESIGNER soul & a CERAMIST sensitive touch.

Kate Woo, French artist & designer, proposes a new view on the art of the ceramic.

A different approach filled with her mastery of digital technics and design, enriched by her eclectic experiment for several years and several prizes.

Her artistic initiative remains the same whatever is the shaped material: the envy, the need to feel the art like a sensory and even carnal experiment.


Today, her implication in the ceramic offers to her a relationship with the material even more sensual, bringing to the creation by the touch of a fragile clay which keeps everything in memory, up to the slightest stroke on the «skin» …

“My work tries to offer a feminine & feminist but delicate look on the world surrounding us.

A balance of power with the clay material giving rise to the one-of-a-kind fragile & delicate ceramic porcelain.”


Sculptures, design objects or monumental installations, Kate Woo always bloomed in these domains and does the same while shaping ceramic by its multiple technical virtues. She keeps up her research in the perfection of aesthetics in the finished product, a perfection deserving by industrial realizations, but by keeping the spirit of limited series made by the artist creating with her hands, her head, her body …

Each creation is unique and entirely handmade by Kate Woo designer.

Each model or photo is subject to intellectual property.

Thanks for taking it into account.

United States exclusivity. Only sold on French Wink eShop thanks to our partner ART IMPULSE.

Kate Woo

Kate Woo