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Scented Experiences

IMAGEINAIR's first collection took its inspiration from chromotherapy, the art of attaining happiness through colors, to create a range of four scented candles which unite the beneficial effects of colors and scents. The ultimate in pleasure and escapism in your very own home sweet home.

Each candle also corresponds to a room within the home. This is implied via an image gallery which is printed on the packaging: kitchen, bathroom, lounge, bedroom, boudoir... The design is zen, pure and simply elegant.  Nothing is explicit: only implied. 

In tribute to French culture, IMAGEINAIR candles are made entirely in France in line with traditional and luxury perfume-making techniques.


Each candle is handmade and individually molded with the utmost care in the perfume capital of Grasse. They are created in close collaboration with perfume specialists and are molded twice. The candles contain 10% perfume, for a high quality olfactory and visual result.

The magic of our senses, olfactory recollections and sedentary experiences: we are all made up memories and emotions. We will all recognize a part of ourselves in IMAGEINAIR'S creative and nomadic spirit. 

IMAGEINAIR is 100% made in France and fully adheres to the spirit of travel; discover the whole world with IMAGEINAIR.

United States exclusivity. Only sold on French Wink eShop.

Jessica Sironi, creator of Imagineair

Jessica Sironi, creator of Imagineair