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Adopt the French attitude


Huguette Lelong Healthy Life


Nutritional Advice with a French twist


Passionate about food and your wellbeing I will make it my mission to help you nourish your body with real food. You will find the motivation to make permanent and sustainable lifestyle changes. I will give you some practical nutritional advice so you can connect or reconnect with food.

If it's too daunting I can help you make the first step and help you clean out your pantry, show you how to read labels & give you some tips. I also offer some healthy workshops to help you bring some ‘joie de vivre’ to your plates.

Be adventurous and curious about food and let me be part of this fantastic new adventure!

You can also book a workshop with your friends or family. We can talk about your routines in a small and convivial setting. I even provide healthy snacks and tea! 

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Huguette Lelong

Huguette Lelong