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Adopt the French attitude


Hacter Concept is an eco-friendly French brand who offer sustainable fashion accessories for men.



Hacter Concept - A new life for fabric

Hacter is an ecofriendly label of shoes, bags and accessories.

Hacter collection is dedicated to the dandy & cool men. Men who like products of quality, sustainable fashion and nice things.

Hacter cares about geographic proximity. All the products are  invented and designed in France. More precisely in Nantes. The founders  made the choice of making their shoes in Portugal. Hacter bags and accessories are made in France and in Portugal.


Hacter team thinks that it is possible to give a second life to already made materials, around a qualitative creative proposition, durable and desirable. So for the fabrication of Hacter's collections, they reuse different types of materials : scrap fabric, collected garments or fabrics going to be forgotten or wasted. They're also developing some products created with a reconstituted yard, created from scrap fabric.

Finally, every pair of shoes is delivered with its storage bag, made from garments collected by Le Relais, a French organization gathering old garments around the country. Hacter adore traces of the past and the emotion of this bag. Each is unique and is a nice surprise.


Hacter is emotionally attached to human. Because behind each product, there are men and women, they  wanted to make you discover their fabrication. So every product contains the signature of the operator, a unique serial number and a QR Code which makes it possible for you to discover the origin of your article (location, people, environment)

Co-founders Patrice-Brand-Meyer and Anne-Chalard-Boutruche

Co-founders Patrice-Brand-Meyer and Anne-Chalard-Boutruche