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Adopt the French attitude


French Touch by Elise


A scarf between style and art

French artist, Elise is creating exquisite wearable art inspired by nature and the beautiful world around her.
She believes every woman should experience joy through colors and art. Her desire is that they find it through her exclusive collection of exceptional and extraordinary scarves.

Each unique design is meant to bring individuality and colorful personality to every person who wears them.
All the scarves are manufactured in Italy and in France, precisely in Lyon where a lot of silk producers work. Elise is really picky on the quality of my scarves. 

French touch by Elise is editing a series of ten scarves and selling nine of them, keeping its art proof. She loves the idea that her costumers are wearing a pretty unique scarf and does not make re edition.

Elise Massenet, founder of French Touch by Elise

Elise Massenet, founder of French Touch by Elise