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Adopt the French attitude


This little acrylic character is called “Flexo” - an original artwork from the sculptor David Zeller (Zed).

Flexo by Zed

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Fun Design Piece


This little acrylic character is called “Flexo” - an original artwork from the sculptor David Zeller (Zed). Flexo can not be industrially molded so the different behaviors are done by hand using thermo formatting technics giving the art piece its unicity. 

Each Flexo are numbered and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity and a proper packaging. 

There are 100 pieces of each Flexo model by color.


Multiplicity in the world, this is what urges Zed to create. Born in 1976 in Mulhouse, this self-taught sculptor polishes up his practice since the age of twelve, working with various materials. As a child playing on the beach, he discovered the potential of sand; while more mature and living in the Antilles, he worked with traditional wood. Since 2010, the artist dedicates himself full-time to the exploration of his material of preference : the acrylic glass.

Zed, "guided by his own sense", intends to catch the multiplicity of human behaviors through his Art : he's trying to get " the Man, and more exactly his acts and attitudes and interactions with life. ". Gradually he deepens his work in search of the DNA of the movement.

He then conceived his most famous work, Flexo: a neutral character, with a unique silhouette, aiming to support his searches on attitudes and movement. Zed indeed considers "that it is possible to retranscribe all the feelings, to say everything, just through body movements." By its different postures, Flexo embodies its desire of multiplicity and the gesture in its fluidity: "alternately loving, contemplative, audacious or impertinent, … every Flexo is a reflection of us." Impossible to be industrially molded, each of its attitudes is acquired by thermoforming by hand.

David Zeller presented his work within the framework of numerous exhibitions in galleries and Art fairs around the world (France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland(Swiss), Monaco, La Reunion, Guadeloupe, USA). His works are quoted by Artprice since 2009.

United States exclusivity. Only sold on French Wink eShop thanks to our partner ART IMPULSE.

Zed, the French artist behind the Flexos.

Zed, the French artist behind the Flexos.