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No More Paper bag – Dress Up Your Drinks With Fashion!

Claire Obry

Forget the bottle of wine or the BIB, there is more fashionable!

As you know, in France, we have a strong tradition of enjoying our time around a glass of wine. During summer, the perfect fit for that kind of outdoor consumption with a lot of people during a party, barbecue, pic-nic or family gathering is the very-useful-but-very-ugly famous Bag-in-Box. The main advantage to Bag-in-Box packaging is that it prevents oxidation of the wine or other drinks during dispensing. And you know how much it is important for us to preserve the quality of what we’re consuming. After opening, liquid in a bottle it is oxidized by air in the bottle which has displaced the liquid poured; wine or other drinks in a bag are not touched by air and thus not subject to oxidation until it is dispensed. And we all know the rules about public consumption of alcohol in the United States, so you will all agree that is much more fun to dress up your drinks with a fashion bag rather than a brown paper bag!

Now, imagine the perfect date in Central Park and let us introduce you to Obag’, our new member. Obag’was designed by Florence AOBADIA, the founder of the company, who gave all her heart and knowledge to create this fun, handy and unique bag! She came up with this innovative concept that offers a new sustainable and fashionable way of consuming drinks.

Obag is a small French company located in Paris where all the products are craft made with special care towards quality and details. Inspired by its expertise and the French Touch that comes with it, their team is dedicated to the creation and fabrication of high-quality products. They place a great emphasis on respecting and valuing each person involved in the Obag’ adventure, from raw material suppliers to consumers, keeping a short distribution chain as a priority. And at French Wink, we really appreciate that!

On a boat, at home, out on a pic nic, with your lover, friends or kids

Thanks to its eyelet, Obag’ can be hung indoors in your dining area, to a kitchen hook, outdoor on a tree branch, on your sailboat or anywhere you wish to treat yourself with a good drink! Thanks to the poach inside that you can reorder online very easily, you can fill it yourself with your favorite drinks.


Photo Credit @ ASHBEY PHOTOGRAPHY and Virginie SUERES.

Photo Credit @ ASHBEY PHOTOGRAPHY and Virginie SUERES.

Now, just pick your style…

Obag’ is made in French linen certified by CELC –Master of Linen (European Confederation of Linen and Hemp)
Obag’ is an untreated jute – organic natural fabric
Obag’ Dralon – wear resistant – light resistant – stain resistant – Teflon® coated.