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Luxury Teddy Bear

Claire Obry

Oh Oui these teddy bears are super cute! But not only, as we are talking here about a piece of art, a pure and soft representation of the made in France savoir-faire through the history of Pamplemousse, A French designer and creator of stuffed animals.

Pamplemousse’s Legacy

Pamplemousse chosed  the beautiful French countryside as the setting in which to birth their stuffed animals as a deliberate decision. Actually the company strives to avoid industrialization in order to maintain the magic and the quality of teddy bear.

Located in Picardie, the farm de Puisieux is a true picture of vitality and freedom. The basin of Northern France has remained the cradle of the textile industry since the twelfth century. Therefore, priding itself on centuries of cultivated savoir-faire, or know-how, this region has built its reputation on the historical excellence of its mastery of these techniques.

The province of Saint-Quentin itself specialized in the weaving of wool and silk, giving way to the institution of “Le Bourget” in the 1920s. These premises, burdened with history, are the ideal settings to perpetuate French savoir-faire and to breathe new life into this art form. Working the land, like working with fabric, is a work of passion – a desire more than a need – and it is with this philosophy that the House of Pamplemousse added its history to that of Puisieux.


Pamplemousse may not have the reputation of an established luxury brand, but they have the ancestral foundation.

Pamplemousse makes it a point of honor to carefully choose each of its components and artisans with each step meticulously performed in their workshop in order to best oversee the entire production process and guarantee the fine quality of their products.

This work of passion is what ensured their label “Guaranteed 100% French”: a true gauge of quality for customers as well as an acknowledgement for the artisans.


Thanks to its stylist designers and prototype designers of French culture, the House of Pamplemousse puts its creative studio at your disposal in order to give life to your ideas, your collections and your projects.

At Pamplemousse imagination is given full rein with the power ability to push the limits of both the possible and the imaginary! To enchant the hearts of young and old alike. Discover our selection on our eshop