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How to reduce 99% of radiation produced by your mobile?

Claire Obry

Do you wish to know how to reduce 99% of radiation from your daily environment We do have the answer: you just need to put a Fazup sticker on your mobile phone! Sounds silly? Absolutely not!  It is possible and actually  smart. Let us introduce Fazup to you and close the debate.
Fazup is a sticker created by a French start up  reducing 99% of radiation produced by your mobile device. Still have  doubt? Check out their reviews and researches. It is scary to see how bad the impact of phone radiations are . So bad that with a closer look you shouldn’t use your mobile phone without Fazup!

Fazup is not a gadget

Don’t let fool yourself by Fazup’s look. It is much more than a simple sticker as there is a long background of scientific research behind its development.

Fazup is designed for iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, SamsungLG, Sony, Motorola, and you just need to follow the position guide (included in the pack) to know exactly where to stick it as it depends on the size and the brand of your device.  As said before applying the Fazup patch at the back of your mobile phone is enough to reduce up to 99% of the amount of radiation that is absorbed by your head and your body (SAR norms*).

We are using it

I personally bought a Fazup for each member of my family. The family pack Really worth it! (4 stickers inside).  I guarantee you that I have a better and deeper sleep routine and behavior since I’m using it. Some of my relatives who installed it used to have constant headaches, but not anymore !! And don’t let me start on the impact on our children!

Affordable and available in the US only with French Wink.

You can purchase a single or family pack on our shop. Prices start at $29.90.