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Be Chic in Charentaise

French Fashion Blog

Be Chic in Charentaise

Myline Descamps

France is a country of multiple savoir-faire. French craftsmen managed to keep alive traditional techniques while making them evolve with time and trends. Each French County has it’s specificity and the Made in France is always a guaranty of quality and chic. Charentaise, the colloquial French name for a pair slippers is indeed the perfect example. Created centuries ago, it’s still there and being worn today and we are bringing them to you with the Manufacture Degorce.

Manufacture Degorce was born in 1962 and is based in Marathon, a small village located in the Bandit Valley in Charente, southwest of France. Charente is famous for its Cognac and Pineau. It’s also the historical birthplace of the Charentaise. Degorce has always managed to evolve with time, trends and clients requests without losing signs of its origins.

Their motto is ” Head in the stars, but feet firmly on the ground“.

Listening to their customers, Degorce continually enriches its collection with ranges that stick to growing trends, and are more comfortable and more responsible. Certified “Origine France Garantie” (guarantee of French origin), Manufacture Degorce proves its commitment to provide quality products, manufactured in France and respecfull of people and of environment.

Created a more design range, yet maintening its savoir-faire, notably the inside-out stitching technique that they are re launching. All products at Degorce are hand-made and unique.The upper is made of wool, doubles with raw wool. The sol is a real felt sole. Choosing these Tradition slipper is a direct way to comfort and authenticity.


Degorce’s Charentaise can be worn all year round and even in summer! Degorce also created a summer and very colorful sneakers  collection which are unique and not seen yet in the US.

Want to try and leave with those beautiful shoes? We’re glad to announce that we will present them during our Father’s Day Event at Martial Vivot Salon pour Hommes in less than a week. Register here.