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The Boch family, well known for its strong influence on the ceramic industry, founded the Faïencerie de Longwy in 1798 on the premises of an old convent. The production gained recognition during the First Empire:Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte, after visiting the workshops, placed an order for all the tabletop allocated to the Imperial Houses of the Legion of Honor. In 1835, the faïencerie is passed into the d’Huart family and becomes a  prosperous industry.

In the 20’s, the Art Deco trend reached this bastion of orientalism. The association with Paris department store Printemps was the beginning of a new creative era that culminated with the 1925 Arts Décoratifs show in Paris. The Art Deco influence will slowly fade away to finally end in the late 1930’s. Longwy detains the exclusivity of earthenware cloisonné produced in a semi industrial way. The use of its historical stamps guarantees the authenticity of its pieces. The last 20 years have seen a renewal in both shapes and designs, leading to new relationships with contemporary artists and designers. The faïencerie began its third century of existence in 1998.

Since 2015, the history of the Manufacture continues thanks to the Emblem group. The ambition is to preserve know-how, to renew the creation and to reconquer international markets.

Dedicated to «Made in France» with very high added value, the governmental EPV label rewards craftsmen and industries whose work successfully fuses tradition, passion and innovation. Allocated for a period of five years after a tough selection process, it showcases rare, famous and cultural expertise unique to French companies

Emaux de Longwy since 1798

Emaux de Longwy since 1798