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Babylone Soya wax natural scented candle


Babylone Soya wax natural scented candle

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Bougie Babylone - avec mèche .png
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Babylone Soya wax natural scented candle


« Babylon » meaning « Gate of the Gods », the magic name of this legendary city invites you to push the doors of its royal palace to discover its wooded interior. The generous fragrances of agarwood and oriental wood bring you into a universe of relaxation and serenity. Sit down comfortably and enjoy a unique escape.

This candle is crafted in France with soy wax, an all natural wax that does not emit any polluting components causing headaches. Special care is taken in selecting the ingredients with natural and semi-synthetic essences that meet strict specifications without CMR- substance or phthalates.

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Olfactory pyramid :

Subtle and refined agarwood scent
Woody and aromatic head notes : Bergamot, Cardamon, Pine, Raspberry
Heart notes, woody, oriental: Texas cedar wood, Island saffron, Guaiac wood, Sandalwood
Woody notes, amber : Agarwood of Thailand, Vetyver of Haiti, Hay, Amber, Vanilla of Madagascar 

Special features :

These soy wax candles are an excellent alternative to conventional paraf n candles that emit Volatile Organic Components during their combustion, polluting home interiors. The natural soya wax used is a new generation of ecological wax, derived from natural and renewable plant matter. GMO-free, pesticide or herbicide and is fully biodegradable and does not emit toxic fumes.

They are compatible with aromatherapy thanks to their low melting point. This low melting point prolongs the burning time and ensures an excellent diffusion of essential oils.

The wicks are made of untreated cotton and are pre-soaked in the wax for better combustion. The wicks are labeled oeko-tex guaranteeing the absence of toxic products in cotton.

Use: Interior scented candle that does not emit a polluting substance that can cause headaches. 

Burning time : 45 hours