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En voiture Simone: a new series to make you fall in love with France

Céline Leroux

Immerge yourself in the daily life of a glamorous Parisian couple, Simone & Raoul, thanks to the French web fiction called En voiture Simone. Those first episodes of the series En voiture Simone give a look to Paris, with its restaurants and its Seine riverbanks, but also to the French way of life, including its trends, lifestyle, dress codes and idiomatic expressions

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Missing French emojis

Evane Lo

You have probably heard about emojis. You know, those small emoticons you have on your phone and computer and that you use to send a message,to express a feeling, to represent a meaning…

They now became universal, but the signification can change from one country to an other.Let me introduce to you our missing French emojis Keyboard

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" Correspondance New-Yorkaise 2017"

Myline Descamps

Correspondance N°1/9. 1er mai, 6 h 57, Time Square.

Correspondance N°1/9. 1er mai, 6 h 57, Time Square.

NEW YORK, JUNE 2nd, 2017 - «  New York stays the most photogenic city of the word and indeed the capital of Photography »

With those words of the French photographer and filmmaker Raymond Depardon, we would like to introduce to you the new FIAF's exhibition . 

Until July 1st, you can discover the photo exhibition " Correspondance New-Yorkaise 2017 " ,as part of a cycle of events celebrating 70 years of Magnum Photos Agency.

More than an exhibition, it’s a challenge that Depardon took up. During ten days in May, he had to  take one picture daily of New York and send it up to the French newspaper Liberation . Actually, this is not the first time he's doing  this kind of experience. It’s an echo of what he already did in 1981 for the same french newspaper  : A one month photographic « Correspondance ».  

During summer 1981, a black and white picture of New York was published in a full page every day  during one month showing portraits of Americans or daily lifestyle scenes. 

At the beginning of the story, Depardon was only in Liberation's Office  to say he was planning to go in New York with a friend for holiday. Turned out that Liberation needed someone for a « summer correspondance », so they just asked him. That’s how « Correspondance » was born. At that time, Depardon was the first photographer to have a correspondance with a newspaper : he was kind of a pioneer. 

For his 2017 project , he used a 8x10 inches color camera, replicating 19th century methods, allowing the photographer to just take a few pictures on the photographic film. He had three hours daily to take a picture, three hours to develop them and half an hour to write a note on them, like he did in the 80's.

`Correspondance N°5/9. 4 mai, 11h15, 2017, Bowery.

`Correspondance N°5/9. 4 mai, 11h15, 2017, Bowery.

« I like to make pictures that firstly, seems to be nothing and turns to be an important,powerful moment. I prefer to go from a light to a powerful moment ».

To see those « Correspondances New-Yorkaise 2017 » and compare how the city has changed through decades, the FIAF (22 E 60th St) is the place to go. The exhibition ends on July 1st. Enjoy!

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