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A Dispenser of Emotions, free of charge.

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A Dispenser of Emotions, free of charge.

Claire Obry

If you already came to one of our pop-up store, you know how we love to create Emotions. It's really a French thing to connect your action to your emotion and eating is the perfect exemple;) Few years ago, a French company based in Grenoble created a dispenser of food for thoughts.... a short story dispenser.

''France’s Beloved Short Story Dispensers Are Coming to America'' -

short edition2.PNG

It’s the first of its kind in the United States. And you'll find it in San Francisco, in the Francis Ford Coppola’s Café Zoetrope. With just the push of a button, the dispenser prints a one-, three-, or five-minute story, completely free of charge. The stories come out on long rolls of paper like a receipt.

“We always believed in the power of short literature, and the fact that it is particularly adapted to the modern world, as a way to bring (or bring back) people to reading”.

“We often hear people saying they had the feeling the story they picked up randomly was made for them, that it was really related to their actual life. It makes us really proud, because this was our goal when we invented the dispenser: to create emotion.”

Short Edition announced that they are installing four more machines on US soil. And we cannot wait to have it in New York!

Read the entire article on

Read the entire article on

“When people ask [if] we have wifi for the kids, we point to the machine and say, ‘No, but you have a story—you can read.’”

Spotted in The New York Times as well. Read it here: ''The Vending Machine That Spits Out Short Stories''