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Merci Coco

French Culture Blog

Merci Coco

Claire Obry


For the International Women Day, on March 8th we paid tribute to French Female leaders such as Coco Chanel, Lucie Aubrac and Simone Veil. They, along with many more, opened the path to generations of women fighting for gender equality and being in control of their own body. 

Coco Chanel

Coco Channel cut the hair. She cut the skirts. She pulled off the corset and put a pair of pants on.  What a Fashion Revolution for Gender Equality!  #Empowerment by couture. 


Lucie Aubrac

Lucie Aubrac had a predominant role in Resistance during WWII. She contributed to run the underground newspaper Liberation. She fought for our freedom. She helped to free high-ranking resistance member Jean Moulin. #Empowerment by fighting. 

Simone Veil

Simone Veil is the first political female leader who spoke for fundamental right of women to be in charge of their own bodies. #Empowerment by engagement. 


While we were thinking of strong female figures, our grandmothers came to our mind. Because who are the closest role models than our relatives and the ones who raised us? 

Myline, the other brain at French Wink told me "My grandmother is my Asian blood. She showed me how to fight for me and my family and to be a woman with pride."

Our grandmothers with our mothers. 

Our grandmothers with our mothers. 

I have the chance to still have my grandmother in my life. She is amazing. Her name on stage was Maguy Belle. She taught me how important it is to read and be curious. She traveled all her life and learn everyday. And above all, she taught me that I can be strong and "coquette" at the same time and how good it is to be a woman.

Hooray for our grannies!


Emie and Eva, our oldest daughters. 

Emie and Eva, our oldest daughters. 

And this brought us to our responsibility towards our own daughters.  We are now the ones opening the path for them. What will be our empowerment to follow?