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En voiture Simone: a new series to make you fall in love with France

French Culture Blog

En voiture Simone: a new series to make you fall in love with France

Céline Leroux

Immerge yourself in the daily life of a glamorous Parisian couple thanks to the French web fiction called En voiture Simone. Two pilot episodes have been broadcast so far, scripted by Franck Pelé who runs a blog of the same name, and which inspired the series. It depicts Simone and Raoul's love story, balanced between romance and rejection. Interpreted by the model and beauty queen Lauriane Gilliéron, Simone is a French woman with a rare elegance to which her husband, Raoul, played by Nicky Naudé, cannot remain insensitive. Both characters express love while cheating on each other. Always imbued with humor, including sarcastic remarks, dialogues and scenes reveal that Simone and Raoul's life is a long and winding road. However, their love story seems to withstand the test of time. The scenes take place at different times, from the sixties to now.


Those first episodes of the series En voiture Simone give a look to Paris, with its restaurants and its Seine riverbanks, but also to the French way of life, including its trends, lifestyle, dress codes and idiomatic expressions. The second episode, entitled L'insoutenable légereté de l'être, refers to the famous novel written by Milan Kundera and thus pays tribute to French literature. Produced by Nicolas Fogliarini & RR3 FILMS, En voiture Simone is a comedy that will please to French lovers but also others.


By way of anecdote, En voiture Simone is a French familiar expression conveying one's willingness to leave, as "Let's go" would. This is attributed to the first and famous car driver Simone Louise de Pinet de Borde des Forest.


Last but not least we found the perfect fashion match to look like Simone! Saint James, the famous breton stripes French brand will be at our Rendez-Vous pop-up store  to present its fall-winter collection.

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