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French Culture Blog

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In France, we don’t joke with café!

Raphael Gibert

Paris is known as the “City of Café”. Actually coffee is something indivisible to the Parisian culture and French lifestyle. French people consume an average of 12lb coffee per person each year. In Paris all day long friends and colleagues are invited to "grab a coffee" in a bistro.

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Rendez-Vous with French Cinema at Lincoln Center - March 1-12

Raphael Gibert

Rendez-Vous with French Cinema at Lincoln Center is coming up soon (March 1-12) and the tickets are on sale ! 

The lineup features23 diverse films, comprised of highlights from international festivals and works by both established favorites and talented newcomers. 

Opening film Django is a biopic about Django Reinhardt and closing filmthe Odyssey focuses on the life of Commandant Jacques Cousteau. 

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French Cheese – Tasting it is adopting it!

Raphael Gibert

France is known as the “Country of Cheese” and its long history with cheese has made it a part of its culture. Indeed, cheese is actually so popular in France that it is part of the meal, in between the main course and the dessert. Along with salad or grape, it should be served at room temperature with a glass of wine.  Yes, we don’t joke with cheese! To give you an idea a French citizen consumes an average 55 lbs of cheese each year!

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Being French

Claire Obry

I was having dinner with a friend last night and she told me something that really made an insight in my mind.

“You actually created French Wink because you miss the French Art de Vivre and it is your way to bring it a little bit in your daily life!”

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