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Keep calm, he's French : Michael Sehn

Evane Lo

Why do Americans write the date upside down ? Why do they have a middle name ? Why when we watch a movie, there is actually more advertising the film ? Why in every meal, they put an option « add bacon » ?

All these questions come from the humorist Michael Sehn, French expatriate in New York.

The first time he came in America was in 2008 , when he did an internship in an advertising compagny for six months. First crush with the city. A theater school in Paris and a Green Card later, he decided to come back in New York for the second time.

On his Youtube channel, small videos about daily life of French expatriates in America : Dates, clothing,restaurant… Every subject is a good laughing matter. In 2014, based on this observation, he launched his compagny « French Comedy Productions » to make French comedians comes in New York and creates with them their internationals tours.

Last year, he launched with his compagny the first edition of « French Comedy Festival » to introduce French humorists on American stage.  Did you notice how big is the French communauty in New York ? Bringing French humor in the birthplace of stand up comedy was no wonder a huge success.

This year, be prepared for the second edition of « French Comedy Festival », from June 21st to June 24st. You are about to see a lot of comedians you will heard of in the future….

The shows will be in French and in English for the closing night, where the French humorists will have the opportunity to share the stage with American comedians. 

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