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21st of June : Fête de la musique

French Culture Blog

21st of June : Fête de la musique

Evane Lo

In France, June 21st is kind of a special day for all the musicians and music lovers. It's what we call « Fête de la Musique » .
It was first officially launched in 1983, by Jack Lang, who was our Cultur and Communication minister at the time. The main objective was to promote music by non professionnal musicians and offering them the opportunity to play in all kind of public spaces.

In French cultural life, it’s a really big event.
Originally from France, the « Fête de la Musique », started to be exported in 1985 and a « European Music Fest » Charter was signed in 1997. Since then, more and more contries around the word start to adopt this « Fête de la musique » and there is now more than 340 cities participating.

In New York, the first was launched in 2006 for the « Make Music New York ».


He says that his music is like a scenario and it needs to tell someting . He is creating a whole environment around his songs. Even if we like to call him a leader of « french trip hop », he seems to refuse all kind of "tags" and he’s more like a « musical mixing » artisan.

His last album « By Any Beats Necessary » was inspired by his last music tour in the US. It’s a mix of many influences like black music or US hip hop. It’s also kind of a road trip through music history.

Wax Tailor will be playing in Central Park on this 21st of June with Ayo, Her and Show begin at 6 pm and it’s a free concert. 

This concert is part of "France Rocks Summerfest", until July 13th. Thanks to this festival, you will discover the best of French music : rock, éléctro, jazz and many more. Launch by Bureau Export and Cultural services at French embassy , you will hear more than 30 French artists on 20 differents stages.

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