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Adopt the French attitude

French Culture Blog

French and almost perfect!

Evane Lo

Although the French cuisine has the reputation to be complicated and time consuming it can sometimes be easy to impress your guests the French way thanks to the perfect cook book.                                                                  

You don't need to be a "5 stars chef" to know the basics of French Cuisine do dont’ be impress anymore by a good « Bœuf Bourguignon », you can do it too ! 

Thanks to the new recipes book « Voilà ! Effortless new cook book » by Cécile Delarue, French recipes won’t have any secrets for you.                                                                                        

In this cookbook, you will learn the basics of French cooking and the wine pairing, which is of course as important as the cuisine itself ;)

As Cécile Delarue says on her blog French and parfait  : « Eating well doesn’t have to mean striving in the kitchen ». 

She also launched her own YouTube Channel, where you can see her cooking and explaining the recipes in short funny videos : See the videos

In addition to the videos, here is the perfect book to learn300 French recipes and begin to be a real « chef »

Where to buy it ?