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Missing French emojis

French Culture Blog

Missing French emojis

Evane Lo

You have probably heard about emojis. You know, those small emoticons you have on your phone and computer and that you use to send a message,to express a feeling, to represent a meaning…

They now became universal, but the signification can change from one country to an other.

Let me introduce to you our missing French emojis Keyboard : 

Instead of a hat, we could imagine a béret emoji.                               Even, if in 2017, it can be kind of a « cliché »,  the béret is still one of the emblem of France. Originally, it was sewen with wool by french sheperd in the countryside. During World War II, it also became a symbol of "Resistance". It was also the sign of the artistic life in Paris, where painters and writers used to wear it. Now, it became one of our most famous figure of France.

 Instead of a donut, what don’ t we create a Croissant emoji. Here is the most famous pastry in France. Originally, the queen Marie Antoinette came from Vienna in 1770 to introduce the croissant to the French court. Although the croissant was for rich people in the XXe century, it now has become a pastry for everyone. A croissant and a good coffee for breakfast, that’s the perfect way to eat it.

You have the bowling, we have our « Pétanque ». Even though it’s not quite the same, no worries, the Pétanque is a simple game.                                        You play by team, usually it’s two. You have a cochonnet, which is a small pink bowl and then, the goal is to throw your Pétanque balls as close as possible of the cochonnet. They are made of steel and the weight can vary.                                                                                                                                         Usually, farest from your team is the cochonnet, the more difficult is the game.


 Last but not least, here come the Statue of Liberty. Our Statue of Liberty in France is the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Do we still need to introduce her to you ?

Quick reminder : Build in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel, she is now a symbol of France.She is 324m High, higher than the Chrysler Building of 319m High. 

In France, we don’ t have proper graduation ceremony. However, in some well known university, it’s more and more developing. We do have a High school diploma though, which is required to enter in any university. You can have your diplôma in three main topic : sciences,littérature or economic and social.


Did you know that our French astronaut Thomas Pesquet landed in France last week ? He didn’t « fly to the moon » but he spend six months in the « International Space Station .                                                                          Pesquet’s missions where mainly about scientific experiences, life on Space and International Space Station maintenance. He is the tenth French astronaut who went in Space and the youngest European who lived such an experience in Space.

Just add to this emoji a tray, and you ll have a perfect « parisian waiter », or I should say « garçon de café ». It’s an other kind of myth in France. Usually, he is wearing black and white clothes, with a bow tie. It’s such an institution that there is a race every year. The objectif is to run as fast as possible with a tray and drinks on it, without spilling them on the ground.


Does our crêpes desserve an emoji ? We would definitely say yes !

You just need some flour, eggs, milk and sugar and here is the simple recipe ! After, you can add whatever you want : Nutella, salt butter, jam or even some fruits. Crêpes can be salty or sweet.
No doubt that in Brittany, east of France,  they made the best crepes, since that were they come from.

Please tell us which French Emoji you'd like to add to the list;)