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Aurélie Jean : an inspiring woman who breaks gender stereotypes

Raphael Gibert

We recently told you about the amazing Women in Innovation Forum coming soon in New York. Aurelie Jean, a French native, will be part of the speakers and share her experiences and ideas.

Aurelie Jean is the Funder and CEO of InSilicoVeritas, a company helping others to embrace digital transformations. She's also a senior software developer at Bloomberg, New York.
By founding InSilicoVeritas, one of Aurélie Jean's goal is to contribute in erasing the gender gap in Tech industry. She communicates about women and software programming in order to break gender stereotypes in a very masculine industry.

“We have all the power to change the world”, says Aurélie Jean. Thus, Aurélie applies her skills in Bloomberg by developing future digital tools and in her own company by convincing women that coding industry is accessible for then. In order to reduce this gender gap, Aurelie writes articles, gives speeches and interview to help the next generation of women to play an active role in coding.

Aurélie Jean graduated from France (Universite Pierre and Marie Curie, Ecole Normale Superieure and Mines ParisTech) where she obtained a Doctorate in 2009. After her doctorate,  she moved to the US to pursue her research in computational biomechanics at The Pennsylvania State University to study cardiac tissue engineering via computer modeling. From 2011 to 2016, she worked as a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to computationally analyze traumatic brain injury. From engineering, medicine to finance; Aurélie applies her skills in mathematics and software programming to a wide range of disciplines as she wants to code to innovate within our society and accross industries.

Be yourself inspired by her ! There is still seats available at the Women in innovationn forum. Join us to have fun, learn, meet, share, dream big and #ConquerNewTerritories !

Get your ticket here.