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Our Focus on 4 inspiring Women

French Culture Blog

Our Focus on 4 inspiring Women

Myline Descamps

On Friday the 21st, all the women who want to change the rules will be at the Women In Innovation Forum in New York. 
We can't wait to hear and be inspired by all the amazing speakers and participants of this second edition. 

Last year, we even had he chance to be on stage to celebrate the powerful energy spread by Catherine Barba, the serialfemale entrepreneur behind the entire project. 

And this year, we are very happy and proud to have our own VIP guests at the French Wink table. French Wink is an omnichannel marketing platform dedicated to French Lifestyle & Savoir-Faire. We propose an alternative to capital intensive traditional retail by focusing on experiences. A bricks-and-clicks concept surfing between retail & digital. Thus we selected women leaders in these expertises. 

It is a real honor for us to follow the path of founder & leader of the WinForumNYCatherine Barba. French-born entrepreneur and digital pioneer based in New York since 2015. Barba has founded and sold several digital businesses in France. A trusted angel investor and mentor, she serves on the board of successful European tech startups, including Leetchi, MangoPay, Reech and Retency, and on the board of Multinational Organizations such as Renault (automotive) and Etam (lingerie and fashion). In 2015 and 2016 Barba was named one of 50 most influential figures in Europe’s digital economy and in 2014 one of 3 most influential female figures in France.


Tucker // a direct to customer channel
Our first guest is the amazing Gaby Basora. She created the original Tucker blouse in 2006 and has since generated a collection with infinite possibilities. An indefinable, inherently spontaneous and slightly irreverent force drives Tucker. It is characterised by an exciting array of contradictions; the silks are luxurious but not precious; the pieces are agile yet bold. Known for its vibrant floral, animal and abstract prints, Tucker’s unique aesthetic and philosophy is one of optimism and inspiration.
Barney’s was the first to snap up the collection of signature blouses. Collaborations with Target and international interest followed. Tucker was sold in 300 doors worldwide.
In 2015, Basora partnered with Lawrence Lenihan and Joseph Ferrara of Resonance NYC. Together, Tucker has successfully repositioned via the Direct To Customer channel.

The creative friendship between Basora & French Wink gave birth to amazing collaborations such as a French iconic raincoat with young French designer Hades and we are working on other great projects yet to come.

French Rebellion // Target Buyers & Personnal shoppers. 

Murielle Bourdette-Menaut is a Fashion consultant 360°, a free spirit for the last 15 years with a degree in interior design, Business school and styling. For over ten years she has put her savoir-faire to use in fashion, luxury, and design, working with the most famous fashion brands.  Creative Director of the brand « Delicious Freaks, » she has become an expert in printing and development techniques used for treating materials such as leather and knits, as well as natural tinting.

Based in NYC, she is co-owner with her business partner Julia Simon of Edité showroom and French Rebellion PR agency and Showroom who helps Brands connect with the right buyers or Personnal shoppers.

Trade Desk // Target large and most sophisticated customers

Marybeth McGaugh is according to CFO Robert Perdue one of the rising leader of The Trade Desk, an omnichannel demand-side platform where she, along with her team, manages and grows client relationships with some of the largest and most sophisticated buyers in advertising.

Marybeth is passionate about helping agencies and advertisers utilize data and insights to enhance their media strategy and maximize campaign goals. Prior to The Trade Desk, Marybeth worked at sell-side platform PubMatic. She is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University with a degree in Economics.

We asked to these amazing ladies who inspired them along their way.

Gaby recently answered to that question in a CFDA article dedicated to Fearless Fashion Females. She shared about her most admired cultural heroine: 
"Women who are knowledge developers and pioneers, such as Dianah and Angela from World Bicycle Relief, Shakuntala Devi, and Virginia Thoren. Shakuntala Devi wrote a number of books about mathematics, puzzles, and astrology. She wrote the book The World of Homosexuals, because her husband was homosexual. She treated homosexuality in an understanding light. Pioneering.
Virginia Thoren is a photographer and was my 97 year old neighbor, landlord and dear friend when I lived in the West Village. She photographed Yves Saint Laurent’s first collection for Dior. Her motto was “Just go with the flow.”

Gaby, Marybeth and Murielle also told us about how their mother inspired them.

" There are so many women who have inspired me along my journey. Being first and foremost my mother, an amazing woman who made sure I saw and heard and read everything she possibly could find, and drove me to seek out all kinds of new and interesting opportunities. My first boss Susan, who taught me all about being a strong woman in the workplace and what it means to encourage and inspire both those young and older than yourself. Last but not least, my first boss at Pubmatic, Kelly, was a truly inspiring woman in every way – she worked hard, had so much to teach and took a chance on me when I was brand new to the industry. She showed me how to be a strong person and how to speak to engineers and then translate back to clients with such ease and grace. A skill I still use every single day. I don’t think I would be the woman I am today with all their feedback and support along the way." says Marybeth. 

Here is few extraordinary talents that you could meet and interact with this coming Friday.
 Join us to have fun, learn, meet, share, dream big and #ConquerNewTerritories!  Get your ticket here.