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Adopt the French attitude

In France, we don’t joke with café!

French Culture Blog

In France, we don’t joke with café!

Raphael Gibert

Paris is known as the “City of Café”. Actually coffee is something indivisible to the Parisian culture and French lifestyle. French people consume an average of 12lb coffee per person each year. In Paris all day long friends and colleagues are invited to "grab a coffee" in a bistro.


Even if coffee culture is different in France and in the US, French and Americans share the same love for coffee. Here is our top 10 French coffee habits:

1. Take out is not a French habit. French prefer to drink their coffee at home or in a bistro. 

2. Parisians can stay hours sitting in a terrace to enjoy their coffee.

3. In France, coffee is also a meal ending, served after the dessert and as a final note to meal.


4. French people drink coffee for its taste. That's why many French drink their coffee without eating or adding anything. However, if you want to order something to eat along with your coffee you won't break a rule! Enjoy a crispy croissant and dip it in your coffee  

5. Do you know what is a duck in your coffee? Un canard is a sugar in a spoon dipped in a coffee. It’s usually the first coffee experience when you're a kid.

In France there is a large choice of coffee. When ordering you'll choose between:

6. Un café: knows here are an espresso but it’s what you get in Paris when ordering a regular. It’s highly concentrated and comes in a teeny tiny cup.

7. Un américain : If you are lost in translation and want your regular coffee fix, order ''an américan'' to feel like home.

8. 'Un noisette : If you order “a noisette” don’t expect any hazelnut taste! (noisette = hazelnut) It just means that you want a “nuage de lait” (a cloud of milk) in your coffee.

9.     Un crème (coffee with cream)

10.    Un allongé : If you order un allongé, you'll get a diluted version of an espresso.

French people love coffee as much as Americans do. France has developed its own coffee culture. You can enjoy it in any French brasseries of New York or if you cross the Atlantic to say Bonjour:)