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Carole JURY live performance : a unique opportunity to her paintings coming to life

Raphael Gibert

We are glad to announce the on of our artist member, Carole Jury, will paint live on March 30th (5-9pm) in Princeton BoConcept, located in Marketfair at 3535 US1 South. BoConcept chose Carole Jury to be their artistic partner because of her fascinating quality for abstractions that makes her painting suitable to any interior space, whether private or public.

‘It’s a real chance and pleasure to work with the designers and clients of BoConcept Princeton on custom paintings where fine art meets luxurious furniture. It’s very well received from customers who have the opportunity to integrate unique pieces in their interior design.”says Carole.

Carole JURY has developed a new approach to her art by performing live on canvases. Her live painting will be a visual performance art where the public can see her paintings coming to life. On this special occasion, she will complete a visual art piece exclusively for guests and customers of BoConcept Princeton.

In Carole Jury’s own words: “A painting needs to be made one’s own. It’s a kind of secret space where everyone can find one’s own personal refuge. Through painting, I feel anything is possible…The viewer can imagine anything and everything he wants. My reliefs and colors allow for countless interpretations. Then, the viewer will have made my painting his own”.

We hope to see you soon for her live performance !

More information about the artist Carole Jury