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Give your life a Twist with Neolid

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Give your life a Twist with Neolid

Myline Descamps

We often say that France is a country of traditional savoir-faire and innovation. And innovation means easier daily life. This is what Neolid's products are aimed to bring us!
Neolid, a French startup from Lyon, started its adventure in 2012 by first creating the TWIZZ, an innovative and fancy travel mug using a patented sealing system making lid useless. Surprisingly simple and clever, it insures both a perfect closure and sealing through the twist of a silicone membrane. No more waisting time looking for your lid! Its insulated cup allows you to safely carry hot and cold beverages everywhere. Lid and leak free you'll be able to enjoy your favorite drink all day.
Last but not least there is a wide range of models and style to choose from.


The Twizz was an immediate success and is now sold in over 20 countries. Strong of this invention and its worldwide success, Neolid team decided to expend their products range by creating in 2015, the BOX; a lidless container. Box by Neolid is the only insulated and perfectly sealed lunch box with no lid. Thanks to its innovative membrane, it's perfect to carry and store food. With its extra stylish insulated cover, it allows you to enjoy meals at a perfect temperature anytime! 

At French Wink we tried and immidiatly adopted Neolid's products! There are those kinds of lifestyle essentials that makes your life easier and more beautiful.

Visit our e-shop here to choose and get yours! And as Neolid team says: " Give your lunch and your drink a twist!"