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Why are so many Hollywood movies filmed in collaboration with France?

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Why are so many Hollywood movies filmed in collaboration with France?

Raphael Gibert

Because there is talent in Paris….

New York, NY (February 4th, 2017) - Do you know that behind many motion movies there is a French conception? Illumination Mac Guff, which is responsible of the Despicable Me franchise and the comedy Sing, is a French animated feature production company based in Paris! In animation, France is already a world leader and the signs for 2017 are even more promising!

Indeed, more films are being made in France due to the new attractive tax breaks! This month, the French government dropped the minimum film budget requirement to take advantage of the breaks from 1 million euros to 250,000 euros. The French company Illumination Mac Guff took advantage of this tax breaks but there is also more Hollywood movies shot in France! Parts of the movie Jackie, starring Natalie Portman, were made in French in collaboration with Luc Besson at La Cite du Cinema studios in Paris.

…who collaborate with talent in New York.

French in Motion is a kind of mediator between Americans and French who need to collaborate together. French in Motion allows a mutual understanding on both sides because French and Americans don’t have the same way of operating or the same legislation, like copyright. French in Motion try to import French talents or French producers unknown by the Americans.   

To make this collaboration between France and Hollywood happened, France in Motion have a partnership with the IFP (Independent Filmmaker Project), an association of producers and directors in New York, which organizes IFP Film Week, the only international coproduction market in the United States.


***About French in Motion***

French in Motion is a very young organization created in New York in May 2016 by Nathalie PERUS, Benoit COHEN, François SCIPPA Kohn and Eleonore POURRIAT, which bring together professionals from the film, television and new media industries who want to develop collaborations between France and The United States. French in Motion propose also projects initiated in France to potential partners and talents in the United States.