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 La Librairie des enfants: A lovely children bookshop to discover french literature

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La Librairie des enfants: A lovely children bookshop to discover french literature

Raphael Gibert

New York, NY (January 30th, 2017) - La Librairie des enfants offers a wide selection of books and audio books for children from 0 to 16 years old !  In La Librairie des enfants, 80% of books are from French publishing houses such as Hachette and Gallimard. It's really feels like a children book shop in France!I

The “Petites Histoires"(“little stories”in french) at La Librairie des enfants is a thematic reading program based on the best French publishers of Children literature. Parents can subscribe for a four courses monthly program. Thus, children can discover French language through stories, fun activities, songs, role play and craft. A funny way to learn French vocabulary, isn't it?

This bookshop, opened in December 2016, is a wonderful place for French and American kids who wish to discover French literature with Mathieu and Flore, two native French teachers. All the story telling are in French but the bookshop does not forget the little non French speakers. Actually, the narrative is sufficiently dramatized so that non-French speakers are able to enjoy the moment and catch some french!

In the future, La Librairie des enfants would like to set up a Puppet Show for the weekend “probably in February”, say Lynda.

**About La librairie des enfants**

Lynda, a French woman living in New York for 20 years, could not find books in French for her children! Except on amazon with enormous delivery fees…

Last year, Lynda decided to take over the book collection of an American Francophile based in Pittsburgh. More than five thousand French books … a precious treasure! So, when Lynda found a space to rent she decided to open her dream French bookshop!


La Librairie des enfants, 163 East 92nd Street ,New York, NY 10128

(646) 590 2797