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Adopt the French attitude

French Cheese – Tasting it is adopting it!

French Culture Blog

French Cheese – Tasting it is adopting it!

Raphael Gibert

France is known as the “Country of Cheese” and its long history and variety of cheese have made it a part of its culture. Indeed, cheese is so popular in France that it is part of our meal, served between main course and dessert. Along with bread and salad, it is served at room temperature with a glass of red wine.  Yes, we don’t joke with cheese! To give you an idea a French citizen consumes an average 55 lbs of cheese each year!

In 1962, President Charles de Gaulle said, “how can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?”.
Actually every french region has its own particular cheese and French cheese is protected in France by the “Appellation d’Origine Protégé (AOP)”, along with Champagne.

In NoLIta, the French Cheese Board offers the opportunity to taste an exceptional selection of French cheese! Located at 41 Spring Street, this store is an experience you cannot miss! This museum-like store invites you to discover different French cheeses such as the delicious “Coeur de Brie”; all of them accompanied with different explanatory drawings and an incredible map giving you the birthplace of each and every one of cheeses from France. French Cheese Board, it’s almost an artistic experience!

Emmanuel Monot, the store manager, will be pleased to welcome you and invite you taste the cheese. Be warned: you may soon become a cheese addict:)

Another option to discover French Cheeses

Every Monday, the French Alps comes to the East Village Pardon My French Restaurant located at 103 Avenue B. Indeed, this restaurant is the place to be for a traditional Raclette cheese dinner! You will discover the delicious Raclette cheese with a plate of thinly sliced meats, boiled potatoes and cornichons.

 Bon appétit  (Enjoy your meal)!