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Adopt the French attitude

Our next French Wink ''rendez-vous'' is around the corner

French Culture Blog

Our next French Wink ''rendez-vous'' is around the corner

Myline Descamps


While Halloween decorations are everywhere in the City we know that Holiday season will soon start its count down all over the country. 
At French Wink, the clock already started and as two Frenchy Santa's elves we are working hard to add a French twist to your Holiday this year. 

Our next French Wink Rendez-Vous will highlight how traditional French know-how managed to integrate innovative tools and trends in order to persist over time. Multi-century companies labeled as " living heritage" (EPV) will present their products and show us how they achieved to continually adapt and reinvent themselves through time. 
Because France is a country of creation, innovation and high quality manufacturers and craftsmanship, we will also introduce newer brands. For most of them it will be a "premiere" on the US market. 

So, dont' forget to mark your calendar!

From December 11th to the 17th, we will transport you in France while staying in the heart of Soho.
From cosmetics to Fashion without forgetting lifestyle, home decoration and kids products, we have everything covered to find the perfect gift to put under your tree this season. 

PS: Because we both are impatient elves here a sneak pick of some of the beautiful brands we will have in store: Tissage Moutet, Imagerie d'Epinal, Forge de Laguiole, Alban Muller, Phyto Paris, Laruze Paris, Marbella, Saint-James, Jacadi, Vilac and many many more!