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Adopt the French attitude

French West Side Story

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French West Side Story

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As everybody know, New York is a multicultural city where you can hear several languages in a single day. French is for sure one of them.  New York is indeed a no 1 touristic destination for French people as nearly 800,000 french tourists come to visit the big apple every year and a lot of French expatriates make it their home.

The French attitude is also spreading in the city with hundreds of french restaurant, shops and even schools. It’s funny to see little Paris booming in several areas of the big apple.

Last week, as I was hanging around the Upper West Side; I found a whole block concentrating several french flagships boutiques. So here is a perfect French Wink in the city to start your week – an  invitation on Columbus Avenue between 69 and 70th Street.

Start your french journey with a fashion shop at Maje and Sandro, 2 famous and well known French clothing brands. They are currently  their beautiful  fall collection in a mix of Parisian and Upper West side ambiance.

Continue with Joie ( Joy in french) for more fashion outfits and don’t forget to stop by  Gas Bijoux to complete your style. This jewelry brand started in 1969 upon the canvas of Saint Tropez beaches and was created by Andre Gas.

 On the opposite sidewalk, pamper yourself at l’Occitane en Provence.

Finish your french journey with a savory stop at Maille and Vive la Crepe!

At Maille boutique hundreds of bottles and dozens of beguiling mustards scale the walls with distinctive, complex and audacious flavors to satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. The Maille Mustard Sommelier offers you to taste.

Vive la crêpe! offers delicious salty and sweet crepes, healthy bottled beverages and gourmet coffee, made-to-order in front of the customer with premium ingredients.

It’s amazing to find this concentration of french boutiques embodying the french savoir-faire within a so small area and we hope that this little French Upper West side will continue to expand soon.