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French Culture Blog

Enjoy Henri Cartier-Bresson's photographs at Phillips auction

Céline Leroux

From December 4th to the 12th, Peter Fetterman, an avid collector and owner of the Peter Fetterman Gallery is presenting  with Phillips an exhibition dedicated to his Henri Cartier-Bresson's personal collection. The French photojournalist is considered to be one of the most iconic photographers of the 20th-century photography. One hundred and twenty images are currently at 450 Park Avenue in New-York and will be auctioned off on December 12th.

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En voiture Simone: a new series to make you fall in love with France

Céline Leroux

Immerge yourself in the daily life of a glamorous Parisian couple, Simone & Raoul, thanks to the French web fiction called En voiture Simone. Those first episodes of the series En voiture Simone give a look to Paris, with its restaurants and its Seine riverbanks, but also to the French way of life, including its trends, lifestyle, dress codes and idiomatic expressions

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