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Adopt the French attitude


Chat Maigre


Color The City

Le Chat Maigre is a small endemic animal of the south of France. He loves to put his paws on photography and graphic design. He catches also everyday objects, that he's enjoying to hijack with fun. Thanks to his graphic creations on adhesive he invites himself in the citizen's life in the most subtle way. In the dark night these brilliant eyes pierce the city. And early in the morning, his creations bring the color where we're not waiting for. He's purring when he imagines the surprise, the smile on the faces and the impact of colors in their familiar environment. In balance between the technicality of his realizations and their apparent simplicity, Le Chat Maigre  always lands  on his paws. Graphic designer by formation but especially self-taught artist, he practices hard an art accessible to all. He express an bright, colored and vibrant state of mind because the street art it discovered and not announced.

Actually this is not a model, this Johann Meunier, designer of Hades.