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Adopt the French attitude


Carole Jury


Art & Design


Born in Lyon, France, Carole Jury has long been passionate about painting. The broad, textured strokes of her oil paintings recall the work of celebrated French abstract painter, but while Soulages is known for his use of blacks, Jury’s canvasses feature vibrant reds, calming blues, rich browns and other earth tones.

Layering the paint to create a canvass relief with its nuances of color and play of light guides Carole’s artwork. These are painterly abstractions, not representations. Yet, their objective is to entice the viewer into imagining what she might discern in the ridges and folds of their surface. As observed in a recent review, each is a sort of Rorschach image, waiting ever so unobtrusively to be interpreted by its viewer (Princeton Town Topics, October 19, 2016).

In the artist’s own words: “A painting needs to be made one’s own. It’s a kind of secret space where everyone can find one’s own personal refuge. Through painting, I feel anything is possible…The viewer can imagine anything and everything he wants. My reliefs and colors allow for countless interpretations.Then, the viewer will have made my painting his own.”

It is this unobtrusive, yet fascinating quality of Carole’s abstractions that makes them so suitable to any interior space, whether private or public.

Exhibits: Member of the Ohlala! Team Princeton – 4 exhibits thus far

Exhibit at BoConcept Store, Princeton, from 3 to 23, November 2016

Permanent Exhibit: Calligaris Store, King of Prussia Mall, start in December 2016