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Day cream - Prickly Pear by Alban Muller

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Photo Apr 12, 10 20 01 AM.jpg

Day cream - Prickly Pear by Alban Muller


Soft, fresh and ultra light fluid cream with natural perfume - A sense of freshness


Extracts of Prickly Pear and Padina extract (anti-pollution, protection and repair), Flax seed (antioxidant), Pomegranate (intense hydration), Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing, plumping)

Natural Certified

Net Weight: 50ml/1.6Oz

Who made it?


To fully benefit from Alban Muller ‘s cream, we highly recommend you to apply them lightly - that helps the formula absorb into your skin and stimulate blood flow.

Very actives, Alban Muller ‘s creams required only a thin layer to feel truly restored with younger, radiant looking skin.

We invite you to follow the steps below to assure a perfect use of Alban Muller creams:

  1. Start by applying cream to the tips of the middle 3 fingertips of both hands, then blend into your cheeks.

  2. Start from the lower cheek and sweep up and out, then repeat this motion, moving up your face. This stimulates the blood flow and penetrates the collagen-boosting ingredients into your skin. 

  3. From the middle of your forehead, massage into your skin in 3 circular motions, moving out towards the temples. This really relaxes your muscles and smoothes over wrinkles. You can also pat in any excess moisturizer with your ring finger to stimulate micro-circulation.

  4. Blend in the excess and help reduce puffiness in your cheeks, by tapping your cheeks with your fingertips in a pitter-patter motion, starting from your cheek bone and work your way down.

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SYNERGY OF ACTIVES: 100% natural & ultra-concentrated

PROVEN RESULTS *: Protected, hydrated, your skin keeps its youth and freshness all day long.
*Clinically tested under dermatological control

USAGE TIPS: Apply the product in a thin layer on a cleaned skin every morning. Gently Massage for better penetration of the active ingredients.