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Adopt the French attitude


The 2018 Retail Trend: Traveling Pop-up Stores

Claire Obry

You know how much we love pop-up stores!  We are currently working with two French brands in their pop-up US adventures. A shoe manufacturer created in 1968 who will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a nomadic pop-up store travelling from Paris to US, Germany and even Japan and a watch family owned company created in the 1940's who will come in November to make you think about TIME consuming & leisure.

We are definitely convinced that brick and click concept are the future of retail. Digital is not enough and brands now need to figure out how to attract their customers in their store. And they need to offer more than a refine white box with few items like an art gallery feeling - website does that now!  We need to create EXPERIENCE. Propose something different. People want to feel beyond product, to commit to a brand and have fun!

So when we read that even the well established French brands L'Occitane already largely represented in the US with permanent stores all around the country is launching a new strategy via traveling pop-up, we know that we were on the right track! 

L'Occitane hits the road with traveling pop-up

Courtesy of RetailDive, Read the  full article here

Courtesy of RetailDive, Read the full article here

L'Occi-truck will heat the road for a cross-country retail-trip from Washington DC on April 7th to Los Angeles in October. We'll have the chance to see it in New York at the Javits Center next week. This is a very interesting strategy. More and more established chains like L'Occitane are scaling down from mall to...festive trucks! So they are more free, they can test new products, marketing or technology without disrupting their more established locations.

This is exactly on what we're currently working for our shoe maker client. How to attract younger generation today? Marketing experience for driving them to store discover new collection and then shop online. How to merge both shopping experiences? It's a real issue, above all for traditional savoir-faire. People needs to see the product and feel the fabric to understand why a made in France shirt is more expensive than what you can find in mass-product chains like H&M or Zara. 

File Apr 10, 4 07 10 PM.jpeg

Fans of ours will recognize vintage French Citroen truck called ''tube'' used by one of our favorite brand in France, Orijns



New York, the ''shopping wasteland''.


One of our more time-consuming job at French Wink is the pop-up hunting. Find the perfect space, block, neighborhood for each brand we represent. And the good old days of the ultimate New York shopping experience are far away. The rents are so scandalously pricy that New York became a new playground (or war field) for brands willing to test the market throught temporary events and so new trend sacred 'pop-up stores''. And we're on it!!!

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